Animal Market

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Animal Market
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Animal Market, Main Room]
Wooden walls, painted with realistic murals of mountains and forests, surround a planked floor decorated with a design of grass and pebbles. Recessed lighting in the sky-blue ceiling allows for lighting to be focused on the surfaces displaying the shop's merchandise. Salesclerks bustle about, answering questions and restocking the wares.
You also see a mountain-shaped stand with several things on it, a tree-shaped rack with several things on it, a grass-covered shelf with several things on it, a pond-shaped tub with several things on it and a white door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the mountain-shaped stand
Item Price Done
plush granite gargoyle with tiny felt arms and legs 62,500   
plush white snowbeast with tiny felt ears 62,500   
plush quartz gargoyle with tiny felt arms and legs 62,500   
black plush dobek moruryn with a curled stinger 62,500   
deep black plush velver clutching a tiny bow 62,500   
plush baby gryphon with tiny white wings 62,500   
plush adult gryphon with white downy wings 62,500   
On the tree-shaped rack
Item Price Done
plush cougar with tiny felt legs 62,500   
plush blood wolf with a black obsidian nose 62,500   
plush wood troll with a pointed felt nose 62,500   
plush brown bear with a carved jet nose 62,500   
plush dire bear with long bone claws 62,500   
On the grass-covered shelf
Item Price Done
plush pink gidii with long felt legs 62,500   
plush golden pard with faceted onyx eyes 62,500   
plush clouded arzumos with a long striped tail 62,500   
plush fire bull with a two long felt horns 62,500   
plush lime green gidii with long felt legs 62,500   
plush war mammoth with two curved white felt tusks 62,500   
plush mutant togball with bulging eyes 62,500   
On the pond-shaped tub
Item Price Done
plush water sprite wearing tiny gossamer robes 62,500   
plush river sprite wearing a tiny seaweed skirt 62,500   
plush swamp troll covered with tiny fake leaves 62,500   
plush blue-belly crocodile with a long snout 62,500