Knotty Pirate

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Knotty Pirate
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Knotty Pirate, Entry]
Plain oak paneling covers the walls with rich, yellow-brown wood while the floors are narrower planks of the same wood. Occupying the central space of the entry is a tall mannequin, dressed in a flamboyant outfit.
You also see a wooden door, a wide table with a few things on it and a parrot stand with a couple of things on it.

On the tall mannequin
Item Price Done
garnet-red seasilk frock coat with charcoal grey silk lapels and frontings 11,875,000   
pair of lava samite knee pants trimmed with charcoal grey silk 5,000,000   
charcoal grey felt tricorn hat with a garnet-red cocade 125,000   
charcoal grey silk eyepatch with garnet-red silk ties - left eye worn 10,000   
charcoal grey silk eyepatch with garnet-red silk ties - right eye worn 10,000   
On the wide table
Item Price Done
baggy white cotton shirt with long sleeves 3,7500   
white seasilk shirt with a ruffled neckline 5,125,000   
plain white cambric shirt with gathered sleeves 37,500   
On the parrot stand
Item Price Done
garnet-red stuffed parrot with a charcoal grey crown 125,000   
grey stuffed parrot with a bright red crown 125,000