Kilt From Scratch

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Kilt From Scratch
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Kilt From Scratch, Shop]
Although the mortar between the bricks is a bit crumbly, the walls are stout and solid. Counters and shelves display the products for sale, while the busy salespeople bustle about helping customers and replenishing merchandise.
You also see a wooden door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the birch counter
Item Price Done
plain black wool kilt with brass buckles 50,000   
plain homespun wool kilt with with iron buckles 50,000   
brown and tan tweed kilt with bronze buckles 50,000   
green and cream plaid wool kilt with gilt buckles 50,000   
red and blue wool plaid kilt with silver buckles 50,000   
black and white checked wool kilt with square buckles 75,000   
crimson and yellow plaid war kilt with oval buckles 75,000   
tawny gold and cobalt cashmere kilt with gold buckles 125,000   
On the maple counter
Item Price Done
beige and khaki plaid cashmere kilt with gilt buckles 125,000   
crimson and grey checked cashmere kilt with with oval buckles 125,000   
black leather kilt with iron buckles 75,000   
scarlet and black plaid war kilt with round buckles 75,000   
pink and white checked wool kilt with gold buckles 50,000   
turquoise and green wool plaid kilt with gilt buckles 50,000   
saffron and black plaid wool kilt with square buckles 50,000   
taupe and dark brown tweed kilt with brass buckles 50,000   
On the walnut shelf
Item Price Done
tooled black leather sporran 50,000   
badger-skin sporran complete with tanned head 50,000   
horsehair-covered sporran with three white tassels 50,000   
white horsehair-covered sporran with six black tassels 50,000   
ratty deerskin sporran with a tarnished brass buckle 12,500   
otter-skin sporran complete with preserved head 50,000   
white calfskin sporran with a silver clasp 50,000   
On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
black velveteen jacket with matching satin lapels 100,000   
brown and black checked tweed jacket with oak buttons 75,000   
brilliant crimson wool jacket with round gold buttons 75,000   
long grey wool jacket with narrow collar 75,000   
baggy plain homespun jacket with long sleeves 12,500   
bluefire velvet formal jacket with long coattails 7,500,000   
formal-cut black thornweave jacket with niello buttons 10,000,000   
On the birch shelf
Item Price Done
starched white linen shirt with long sleeves 19,900   
soft white cambric shirt with an upright collar 19,900   
crisp white poplin shirt with a wide collar 19,900   
tailored white cotton shirt with long sleeves 19,900   
stylish white broadcloth shirt with a pointed spread collar 19,900   
baggy undyed muslin shirt with long sleeves 19,900   
  • See the archive page for an item that was removed from the shop between the 443 & 447 appearances.