Reinventing the Wheel (4)

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Reinventing the Wheel
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Trader shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Reinventing the Wheel, Entry]
The aromas of hay and wood are very strong in the small entryway. Rough cedar planks, comprising the shop's floor, creak beneath the movements of customers. Two small bales of hay have been used to anchor a large wagon wheel on its end across from the entrance.
You also see a garishly painted door leading out, a feed trough and a stable hook with a leather feed pouch on it.
Obvious exits: west.

In the feed trough
Item Price Done
handful of dry grain 187   
cubes of sugar 250   
lustrous red apple 125   
handful of dates 93   
handful of sunflower seeds 218   
fresh carrot with a leafy green top 312   
A note on the trough reads: "Reward your hard-working animals!"
On the stable hook
Item Price Done
leather feed pouch 312,500   

West Room

[Reinventing the Wheel, West Room]
Two circular display boards, painted to resemble wagon wheels, have been mounted upon the walls. Various images of available merchandise have been placed within the spokes of each display.
You also see a small alcove, a large billboard with some writing on it, a small display board with several things on it and a large display board with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

A large billboard reads:

You can view our work by EXAMining the artwork mounted on the large and small display boards.  Traders are welcome to ORDER the design that is desired and we will complete it as soon as possible.
On the small display board
Item Price Done
oilpainted canvas - Ropes, nets, and chains criss-cross an overabundance of containers, barely constraining the mounds of teetering goods. A pair of hulky oxen with massive upturned horns draw the laden caravan. 1,000,000   
charcoal drawing - Wrought iron sconces sconces and scroll railing adorn the pristine white exterior. Dark slate tiles covering the slanted roof match the manes and tails of the Kirmalia team pulling the caravan. 10,000,000   
iroko woodburning - Riding atop undersized iroko wheels, the caravan features a large window framed with curtains. Fibers within the drapes combine with the alternating patterns worked into the fabric to create a breathtaking illusion of flames behind the glass. 5,000,000   
sketch of a citadel - The flat roof of the caravan is fortified with ramparts creating ideal positions for any defenders. A circular tower rises over the rear of the mobile stronghold, both an outlook and deterrent for any would-be bandits. 3,000,000   
etched glass plate - Wide vertical siding is interrupted by three square windows on either side of the caravan. The dark roof also features a small windowed projection at its center allowing riders better views of the surroundings. 500,000   
On the large display board
Item Price Done
gloomy watercolor - Verdigris has almost overtaken the arching roof leaving only a few bare areas of patinated metal. Blues and greens pair naturally with splotches of underlying copper and purple-tinged panels of the caravan's walls. 1,000,000   
brinewood plank - Mottled-brown turtleplait is stretched across large wooden bows to form a covering for the wagon. Faded white lines speckled by tiny silvery flecks track along with the natural grain of the wagon bed. 1,000,000   
natural painting - White flowers dot the natural exterior and sodded roof whilst ivy vines its way over even the spokes of the wagon wheels. Colorful negeri blossoms grow in a flowerbox beneath each glass-paned window. 1,000,000   
kaleidoscopic portrait - Complex networks of brass steampipes trace their way around the caravan's waistboard, leaking whooshes of steam from various valves and dials before thrusting upward at various heights. 2,500,000   
clockwork depiction - Jutting out from the terracotta roof is a short tower with orlog faces on each side. Beneath the caravan is an exposed mechanism that uses the rotation of the wheels to wind the massive mainspring. 7,500,000   


[Reinventing the Wheel, Alcove]
Resembling a closet more than a room, there is barely enough space for the pine and oak easels that dominate the area. A small lantern has been hung directly over the easels and sheds just enough light for viewing.
You also see the main room and a large sign with some writing on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:

Traders wishing to remove previous custom work need only place an ORDER from the options on the oak or pine easel here.  We will do our best to remove it promptly so that you may acquire a new customization in our shop.
On the pine easel
Item Price Done
blank image - Centered in the image is a note that reads "Order from here if you wish to have your custom caravan's plate removed. This is necessary if you wish to choose a new plate for your caravan. Please be careful, choosing this option is not reversible! 250,000   
On the oak easel
Item Price Done
blank canvas - Centered in the canvas is a note that reads "Order from here if you wish to have your custom caravan's exterior stripped down to look like a standard outpost caravan. This is necessary if you wish to choose a new exterior for your caravan. Please be careful, choosing this option is not reversible! 250,000