Stabbaticals (2)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Stabbaticals, Sales Floor]
Billowy white banners are draped along the walls, framing the wooden pegs and hooks affixed at even intervals around the room. A cluster of tables rests upon a dark blue rug stretched over the polished oak floor. Running along the back wall is an intricate mural of a battlefield strewn with broken weaponry and fallen bodies.
You also see a misty grey door and a small hanging sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A small hanging sign reads:
"The items sold in this room will allow you to display two weapons when worn.

Be sure to choose the right item as there are no refunds."
On the tall table
Item Price Done
turtleplait sword belt 125,000   
soldier's sword belt 625,000   
split-strap sword belt 375,000   
seasilk sword belt 1,750,000   
duelist's sword belt 875,000   
On the round table
Item Price Done
lustrous oceanmist satin sash 1,562,500   
cerulean watersilk sash 312,500   
black seasilk sailor's sash 2,562,500   
red seasilk sailor's sash 2,562,500   
white seasilk sailor's sash 2,562,500   
On the low table
Item Price Done
chitinous belt frog 5,625,000   
aldamdin belt frog 3,750,000   
dark loimic belt frog 28,125,000   
kelpzyte belt frog 33,750,000   
coralite belt frog 30,000,000   
On the wooden hooks
Item Price Done
blood-red back harness 1,812,500   
demonscale back harness 187,500   
hiro bearskin back harness 562,500   
studded punka back harness 1,875,000   
diamond-hide back harness 1,312,500   
On the square table
Item Price Done
radiant gold belt frog 23,125,000   
phthalo-blue belt frog 15,625,000   
tyrium belt frog 37,500,000   
Elven gold belt frog 4,062,500   
Dwarven iron belt frog 5,937,500   
On the wooden pegs
Item Price Done
smoky black weapon harness 4,500,000   
oceanic blue weapon harness 3,125,000   
blazing red weapon harness 4,062,500   
reddish-green weapon harness 1,875,000   
dusky mauve weapon harness 4,062,500   
battered weapon harness 188,750   
whitleather weapon harness 190,625   
onyx-hide weapon harness 600,000   
dark copper weapon harness 4,062,500   
amethyst weapon harness 188,750