Things That Go Bump in the Fight

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Things That Go Bump in the Fight
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Things That Go Bump in the Fight, Control Room]
Set up in the middle of the floor are a number of utilitarian shelves and racks made of wood. A few small cubicles are set up along the canvas tent walls so that patrons can try on the merchandise. The scent of oiled canvas and freshly cut wood still drifts on the air in the confined space.
You also see a canvas flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the poplar stand
Item Price Done
charcoal wool pants with wide cuffs 50,000   
pair of tan doeskin breeches with leather reinforced knees and seat 50,000   
black and grey checked tweed trousers 50,000   
pair of crimson corduroy pants 50,000   
pair of loose khaki linen trousers with wide cuffs 50,000   
pair of tight-fitting dark brown moleskin breeches 50,000   
worn pair of grey sailcloth pantaloons with gathered waist and cuffs 25,000   
pale brown homespun pants with a drawstring waist 25,000   
pair of taupe broadcloth trousers with turned-back cuffs 50,000   
baggy pair of cream muslin pantaloons 50,000   
baggy pair of plum-colored flannel pantaloons 50,000   
pair of indigo linen slacks with tailored pleats 50,000   
On the pine stand
Item Price Done
tailored cream poplin blouse 50,000   
light blue broadcloth shirt with short sleeves 50,000   
beige homespun smock with gathered long sleeves 25,000   
black wool smock with long sleeves 50,000   
red and white checked gingham shirt 50,000   
pure white lawn blouse with long sleeves 50,000   
flowered calico shirt with long sleeves 50,000   
tailored wheat-colored linen shirt with long sleeves 50,000   
loose grey sailcloth shirt with gathered sleeves 12,500   
alabaster-hued organza shirt with gathered sleeves 50,000   
shapeless charcoal grey flannel smock with long sleeves 50,000   
cream-colored cambric shirt with starched cuffs 50,000   
On the birch rack
Item Price Done
ash grey clinging angora skirt 50,000   
bisque wool skirt edged with white stitching 50,000   
simple ecru poplin skirt 50,000   
midnight black wool circle skirt 50,000   
knee-length crimson silk wraparound skirt 50,000   
khaki linen skirt with tailored pleats 50,000   
knee-length homespun skirt 12,500   
plain dirty grey sailcloth skirt 12,500   
calf-length black cotton gored skirt 50,000   
calf-length claret brocade skirt 50,000   
plain knee-length grey and black tweed skirt 50,000   
gathered blue and white calico skirt 50,000