Gift Me Up

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Gift Me Up
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Gift Me Up, Shop]
A multitude of shelves and racks hold a variety of merchandise and goods for sale. The whole shop is stuffed with items and the floor is piled with baskets and bins of overflow items.
You also see a card stand with several things on it, a large sign and a wagon door.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:
We are proud to offer a large variety of wares that are suitable for gifting to friends and family.
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
green tin pinwheel with a maple handle 125   
red foil pinwheel with an oak handle 125   
blue paper pinwheel with an oak handle 125   
yellow tinfoil pinwheel with a walnut handle 125   

On the card stand
Item Price Done
colorful birthday card with a cake on the front 125   
silver anniversary card with a heart on the front 125   
white wedding card with a Saemaus kiss rose on the front 125   
grey wedding card with a Be'ort tear rose on the front 125   
yellow card with bright silver 50 on the front 125   
orange card with bright gold 100 on the front 125   
blue card with shiny platinum 150 on the front 125   
purple card with a pure white 200 on the front 125   
coral pink card with a design of interlocking hearts on the front 125   
green card with a cornucopia on the front 125   
tan card with a large tree on the front 125   

On the maple shelf
Item Price Done
gold kaleidoscope engraved with mermaids 62,500   
brass kaleidoscope trimmed with pewter 62,500   
niello kaleidoscope inlaid with silver 312,500   
coralite kaleidoscope with ruby insets 20,000,000   

On the walnut rack
Item Price Done
plush baby goat with curled horns 6,250   
plush baby dragon with wide eyes 6,250   
plush lamb with a red bow around its neck 6,250   
plush puppy with a long pink felt tongue 6,250   
plush kitten with pointed ears 6,250   

pine bin
Item Price Done
carved wooden goat bobblehead 25,000   
carved wooden cow bobblehead 25,000   
carved wooden mermaid bobblehead 25,000   
carved wooden killer goose bobblehead 25,000   

On the fir shelf
Item Price Done
small gold rose with curled petals 37,500   
small silver daisy with a gold center 37,500   
blue gold bluebell with white gold accents 2,500,000   
white gold carnation with yellow gold stamens 62,500   
red gold poppy with yellow gold inlay 62,500   

On the oak rack
Item Price Done
pewter pipe shaped like a goat's head 37,500   
corncob pipe with a steel stem 37,500   
brass pipe engraved with fish 37,500   
copper pipe with a oval bowl 37,500   
"Note that these pipes are designed to blow bubbles, not to smoke with."

In the silverwillow basket
Item Price Done
stuffed butterfly dangling from a string 1,250   
painted wooden cricket dangling from a string 1,250   
wooden centipede dangling from a string 1,250   
red painted ladybug dangling from a string 1,250   
plush spider dangling from a string 1,250   
stuffed dung beetle dangling from a string 1,250   
striped stuffed bee dangling from a string 1,250   
red painted wooden ant dangling from a string 1,250   
stuffed silverfish dangling from a string 1,250