Drogor Shrine

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Drogor Shrine
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 414
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game

Catch fish, get prizes, what's NOT to like?
This game is similar to other Capture the Critter games.


  • When you see a shark, bloodfish, tigerfish, piranha or barracuda, try to GET it when both hands are empty. You might miss, or get knocked over, or get stunned, or actually catch it!
  • Fish might escape your grip every ~10 seconds, so run fast!
  • When in the room with the Drogor Shrine, PUT the fish on it for a prize!

Hollow Eve 414 Prizes




Magical Devices









  • scratched emerald
  • gleaming ivory tooth
  • freshwater pearl
  • alabaster egg
  • flawed sapphire
  • star sapphire

Other Information

LOOK SHRINE: A large slab of stone is covered entirely in thousands of tiny grey, green, silver, and yellowed polyps. Water seems to trickle forth from within the depths of the shrine itself, causing it to remain perpetually waterlogged. A massive fishing net is placed reverently at the base of the slab. Every now and then, a Human attendant in priestly attire tosses a flopping fish into the net, which constricts immediately to pulverize the creature into a fine mist of blood and salty spray.