Hot Tropics

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Hot Tropics
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Sunkissed Sands

[Hot Tropics, Sunkissed Sands]
Sunlight streams through the avodire-framed windows and open doorway of this spacious room, highlighting the colorful shells arranged in an intricate swirl across the tall walls. A tufted rug is stretched over the mottled yellow wooden floorboards. Colorful sundresses and sarongs hang on metal racks arranged around the room.
Obvious exits: south.

On the coralite rack
Item Price Done
flirty flamingo-pink sundress featuring off-the-shoulder sleeves 3,187,500   
alluring sundress of oceanic blue silveress beaded with water opals 3,000,000   
whimsical kelp linen sundress dyed to resemble a prismatic rainbow 150,000   
charming ivory watersilk sundress belted with coralite 3,750,000   
exquisite petalette sundress with a jeweled neckline 4,687,500   
On the green gold rack
Item Price Done
lustrous fuchsia seasilk sarong fringed with white silk 2,512,500   
elegantly pleated tangerine sarong pinned with a coralite starfish 687,500   
aquamarine watersilk sarong batiked with sharktooth blossoms 812,500   
bright lime-green sarong embroidered with azure poison dart frogs 437,500   
brilliant canary-yellow sarong elegantly ruched at the hip 1,087,500   

Shifting Seas

[Hot Tropics, Shifting Seas]
White cumulus clouds painted along the top of the bright sky-blue walls shimmer under the warm candlelight like fluffy tufts of cotton caught on an errant sea breeze. The pale yellow ayabere floors are polished to a high shine to best display the wood's natural mottling. Various wares are displayed atop a trio of tables in the middle of the room.
Obvious exits: north.

On the ayabere table
Item Price Done
loose-fitting uzil linen trousers cropped at the knee 375,000   
bright yellow kelp linen trousers cut for a baggy fit 81,250   
mottled brown turtleplait trousers with embroidered cuffs 187,500   
inky blue madun trousers rolled up to the knee 106,250   
billowy foggy grey trousers with a drawstring waist 775,000   
On the avodire table
Item Price Done
kelp linen shirt striped in shades of black and brown 56,250   
pale blue chambray shirt with rolled-up sleeves 62,500   
open-necked seasilk shirt embroidered with a skull and crossbones 1,750,000   
collared white linen shirt patterned with palm leaves 75,000   
cerulean oceanmist satin shirt fastened with sharktooth buttons 1,625,000   
On the zingana table
Item Price Done
sensational canary-yellow caftan composed of sunkissed chiffon 3,875,000   
ornate black bourde caftan trimmed with dragonfire brocade 1,275,000   
prismatic white caftan showcasing a vibrant floral pattern 375,000   
midnight-blue oceanmist satin caftan featuring elaborate knotwork 2,812,500   
jungle-green caftan ornately embroidered in shades of gold 4,250,000