Rizadi's Outfitters (4)

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Rizadi's Outfitters
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Rizadi's Outfitters, Sales Floor]
Brass lanterns hang in each corner, spreading a warm glow over the well-tended merchandise and handsomely framed provincial maps that dot the varnished honey-pine walls. Rows of pewter, brass and copper hooks hang over the iron-banded oak chest that stands near a curtained alcove. An elaborate globe, inlaid with precious gemstones, rests on the centrally located polished walnut counter.
You also see a mahogany door, a wicker basket and an important note.
Obvious exits: none.

An important note reads:

"The items in this basket can change color and pattern while wearing them!  Simply rub them and you'll have a new garment!"
On the elm chest
Item Price Done
plaited cloth belt with tasseled ends 12,500   
tawny gold leather belt set with pointed spikes 1,125,000   
silver belt set with shaped stained glass 25,000   
ebony leather belt clasped with a lock and key 25,000   
niello belt decorated with seven-pointed stars 687,500   
wide leather belt clasped with an engraved pewter buckle 25,000   
crimson silk sash with fringed ends 12,500   
tooled leather belt embellished with tiny acorns 12,500   
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
green wool socks 6,250   
red checkered leggings 6,250   
aqua cotton stockings 6,250   
black wool hose 6,250   
white knitted tights 6,250   
red knitted chausses 6,250   
orange ribbed trews 6,250   
On the brass hook
Item Price Done
celadon cambric sarrak belted with a matching cotton cord 62,500   
pale blue lawn sarrak belted with an indigo braided cord 62,500   
garnet-hued silk gamantang embroidered with cream silk threads 62,500   
Rissan-orange samite gamantang tied with an ebon-hued silk cord 62,500   
khaki doeskin mra'sin belted with a forest green cotton cord 37,500   
wheat-colored wool mra'sin tied with a narrow black leather belt 37,500   
flame-orange dergatine sarrak belted with a cobalt silk braided cord 2,500,000   
flax-colored jaalmin sarrak belted with a crimson cotton braided cord 5,125,000   
emerald icesilk gamantang embellished with gold braid 750,000   
coral pink rosecloth gamantang with long sleeves 9,000,000   
jade green camlet mra'sin fastened with a braided russet leather belt 1,000,000   
On the pewter hook
Item Price Done
forest green broadcloth shirt with carved copperwood buttons 50,000   
bisque linen shirt with small black buttons 37,500   
sanguine long-sleeved cotton shirt with inlaid mahogany buttons 50,000   
brushed azure challis shirt adorned with engraved brass buttons 50,000   
short-sleeved calico shirt fastened with leaf-shaped pewter buttons 50,000   
buff-colored doeskin smock with copper overstitching 50,000   
moss-green flannel shirt trimmed in suede 50,000   
green and blue plaid shirt with rolled-up sleeves 50,000   
loden green poplin blouse with a sweetheart neckline 50,000   
On the bronze hook
Item Price Done
pale blue seasilk blouse with a square neckline 5,125,000   
magenta cire shirt with long sleeves 1,875,000   
cloud-grey jaalmin shirt with loose long sleeves 2,625,000   
orchid-hued oceanmist satin shirt with long full sleeves 3,000,000   
brilliant crimson petalette shirt with long gathered sleeves 4,500,000   
light cream muslin shirt with wide billowing sleeves 6,250   
pure white cotton shirt with long full sleeves 6,250   
On the steel hook
Item Price Done
peach-colored cotton mra'sin fastened with a plain black leather belt 12,500   
garnet-red brocade mra'sin fastened with a pure white silk sash 37,500   
nutmeg-brown cashmere mra'sin belted with a pale ivory sash 37,500   
jet-black linen gamantang tied with a dark grey braided cord 62,500   
sage-green brocade gamantang trimmed with silver piping 62,500   
silveress gamantang with long sleeves 8,750,000   
lava samite gamantang belted with an ebony braided silk cord 10,625,000   
silveress sarrak belted with a black silk braided cord 12,375,000   
lava samite sarrak belted with an ebony silk braided cord 10,625,000   
sage green brocade sarrak belted with a silveress sash 187,500   
jet-black linen sarrak belted with a dark grey braided cord 62,500   
On the walnut shelf
Item Price Done
loose white cotton trousers with a white cotton cord drawstring 37,500   
billowy white linen pants 37,500   
bone-white wool trousers with turned up cuffs 37,500   
pale alabaster-hued pleated tweed trousers 37,500   
loose ivory silk pantaloons 37,500   
On the oak chest
Item Price Done
tawny gold silk sash with fringed ends 12,500   
deep green satin sash with fringed ends 12,500   
wide silveress sash with fringed ends 125,000   
spun glitter sash with whipstitched ends 125,000   
pitch-black taffeta sash with whipstitched ends 12,500