Chuffed To Be Stuffed (3)

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Chuffed To Be Stuffed
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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  • All the items in this shop can be used with a pouch of lead pellets to turn them into trainers for light & heavy thrown skill.

[Chuffed To Be Stuffed, Large Workshop]
Tone-on-tone white brocade has broken up at intervals with large clear cylinders that rise from oak floor to tent ceiling. Within each cylinder, a cloud of colored cotton resides, making a veritable rainbow within this large room. In between each cylinder are shelving units holding a variety of stuffed creatures or other objects. A large wine barrel has been placed in one corner of the room. You also see a large bear-shaped hanging sign and a white brocade tent flap pinned back with a giant coralite cupcake.
Obvious exits: none.

A large bear-shaped hanging sign reads:

~The lead pouches are meant to FILL your stuffed toy.~
On the lilac shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed spotted lynx with tufted ears 10,625   
stuffed blue-green velvet peacock with an ostentatious tail 10,625   
stuffed colorful feathered parrot with a curved beak. 10,625   
stuffed white-feathered owl with large eyes 10,625   
On the pink shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed black vulture with a red leather bald head 10,625   
stuffed grey koala with round ears 10,625   
stuffed vibrant pink flamingo standing on one leg 10,625   
stuffed dappled grey mohair possum with a large ivory-fanged open mouth 10,625   
On the brown shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed armor-textured pangolin with a curving tail 10,625   
stuffed plush cuttlefish made of metallic silver velvet 10,625   
stuffed tri-color leather dragonet with large arching fins 10,625   
stuffed turquoise mole rat with ivory buck teeth 10,625   
On the wine barrel
Item Price Done
small pouch of lead pellets 13,858