Knight in Shining Scholar

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Knight in Shining Scholar
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Crafting shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Front Room

[A Knight in Shining Scholar, Salesroom]
The room exudes an air of tranquility, adorned with towering shelves brimming with an impressive collection of books. Soft indirect lighting enhances the wood-paneled ambiance. Racks and counters display the scholar-themed merchandise.
You also see a wide door and a wide sign.
Obvious exits: none.

  Our crafting aprons and scholar's robes 
   are designed to be both protective
         and fashionable!

They can do a variety of unique things!

     Some of those things will vary
      depending on the wearer's
      scholarly abilities (robes)
      or crafting skills (aprons)
On the spruce counter
Item Price Done
plumette samite robe trimmed with lapis lazuli beads 20,000,000   
firestorm damask robe lined with crimson duchess satin 23,125,000   
deep grey steelsilk robe trimmed with charcoal silk embroidery 1,500,000   
crimson organdy caftan lined with silveress 6,250,000   
steel-grey whirlpool crepe robe with an upright collar 7,500,000   
firestorm samite robe with long bell sleeves 16,250,000   
On the pine counter
Item Price Done
long firesilk scholar's robe 62,500   
long burgundy velveteen scholar's robe 25,000   
long pitch-black velvet scholar's robe 25,000   
long alabaster brocade scholar's robe 25,000   
long butterscotch silk scholar's robe 25,000   
long tawny-gold damask scholar's robe 25,000   
long celadon wool scholar's robe 25,000   
long cobalt linen scholar's robe 25,000   
long grey cotton scholar's robe 25,000   
"The robes on this counter are designed with the scholar-on-a-budget in mind, and thus are very simple and priced accordingly."
On the spruce rack
Item Price Done
The aprons on this rack are verby and many of the verbs will showcase your highest crafting skill.
crimson jaalmin apron 1,000,000   
pale cream khaddar apron 75,000   
dark grey deathfiber apron 250,000   
light grey steelsilk apron 250,000   
pale blue twill crafting apron 25,000   
faded tan sailcloth crafting apron 25,000   
ecru oilcloth crafting apron 25,000   
charcoal-grey cotton crafting apron 25,000   
pale cream linen crafting apron 25,000   
bright orange wool crafting apron 25,000   
cobalt-blue canvas crafting apron 25,000