Swish Slash and Stab

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Swish Slash and Stab
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Front Room

[Swish Slash and Stab, Salesroom]
Sleek racks and neatly organized shelves showcase an array of stylish garments. Bright lighting accentuates the vibrant colors and intricate designs, allowing each piece to shine in its own right. Mirrors strategically placed around the space invite shoppers to envision themselves in the latest fashions.
You also see a tall door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the brass shelf
Item Price Done
lightly padded charcoal grey madun doublet with rounded peplums 237500   
lightly padded ruby-red zerarin wool doublet with square peplums 11,250,000   
lightly padded Rissan-orange seasilk doublet with a pointed peplum 8,375,000   
lightly padded black jaalmin doublet with rounded peplums 4,375,000   
lightly padded alabaster dergatine doublet with pointed peplums 2,125,000   
pair of knee-length charcoal grey madun breeches 125,000   
pair of knee-length Rissan-orange seasilk breeches 6,750,000   
pair of knee-length ebon-hued jaalmin breeches 3,500,000   
pair of knee-length alabaster dergatine breeches 1,250,000   
On the steel shelf
Item Price Done
pair of knee-length chartreuse satin breeches 37,500   
pair of knee-length alabaster silk breeches 37,500   
pair of knee-length burgundy velvet breeches 37,500   
pair of knee-length brown linen breeches 37,500   
nutmeg brown leather hat with a wide brim 37,500   
dusty black leather hat with a wide brim 37,500   
mahogany brown felt hat with a wide brim 37,500   
bright crimson felt hat with a wide, turned-up brim 37,500   
knee-high polished black leather boots with low heels 125,000   
On the steel rack
Item Price Done
charcoal grey madun shirt with long sleeves 187,500   
knee-high supple doeskin boots with silver toe caps 125,000   
knee-high sunken leather boots with ebony heels 6,250,000   
highly polished mahogany leather boots with low heels 125,000   
bisque linen shirt 37,500   
cream-colored cambric shirt with long sleeves 37,500   
pure white cotton shirt with long sleeves 37,500   
ruby-red zerarin wool shirt with long sleeves 12,125,000   
Rissan-orange seasilk shirt with long sleeves 6,875,000   
black jaalmin shirt with lace-edged long sleeves 3,500,000   
long-sleeved alabaster dergatine shirt with a lace at the cuffs 1,250,000