Craftsmen's Academy

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Andreshlew, Craftsmen's Academy
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Crafting shops, Alchemy shops, Engineering shops, Enchanting shops, Forging shops, Outfitting shops, Room Rental shops
This store only accepts Kronars

In each of the 5 wings have rent-a-forge mechanic doors. The door will correspond with the crafting wing, so doors rented in each wing will have stationary tools commonly found in the corresponding crafting hall.

Renting a Space

While outside a door, STUDY it to see the following information:

You catch sight of a parchment detailing the facilities and a series of disclaimers.
[You can GO GUARDED DOORWAYS to rent a private <crafting> room for <amount varies on the corresponding lore skill> Kronars that will last for 1 hour.]
[Once rented, you can MARK GUARDED DOORWAYS to pay the fee again and extend your rental by 1 hour.]
[There is *NO* confirmation -- you *WILL* be charged if you have the coins on you.]
[You may freely come and go while time remains. Visible members of your group can follow you in.]
[When the timer expires, you (and guests) will be evicted to where you entered, and any non-tools from the area will be spit out on the ground with you. There are warnings!]
[If you aren't inside at the time of expiration, but you left items behind, they will be spit out on the ground for anyone to claim. Don't leave it unless you're willing to lose it.]
You do not recall having a current rental here.

Front Room

[Andreshlew, Craftsmen's Academy]
Six stone columns are placed equidistant from one another around the chamber's perimeter and hold the dome overhead aloft. Merelew smiths, tinkers, tailors and other craftsmen huddle about their landwalker counterparts and engage in spirited discussions about their particular trades. From time to time, such a group will make their way towards nearby crafting stations so one craftsman or another can demonstrate a particular technique.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast, south, southwest, northwest, out.

Northeast Room

[Craftsmen's Academy, Engineers' Enclave]
Materials, gadgets, weapons, and so many other contraptions are scattered about haphazardly without any recognizable sense of organization. In one area is a collection of dozens of bones ranging in size from small, rat-like creatures all the way up to ones that surely belonged to a leviathan. Some are bleached, others are scrimshawed, and still others glow with illusory sigils hovering about them. A group of Merelew hunters are gathered around a table showing off various crossbow designs and are engaged in a seemingly never-ending debate about how or if such devices could be used practically beneath the waves. From time to time, as one moves away, another approaches and begins the debate anew.
You also see some guarded doorways.
Obvious exits: southwest.

Southeast Room

[Craftsmen's Academy, Tailors' Stich 'n Snitch]
A trio of spinning wheels sit between a handful of looms, and all are arranged in a horseshoe shape around a platform that showcases various Merelew fashions intermixed with vibrant fabrics, thick furs and other textiles from the mainlands. Several elderly ladies walk the circuit, taking turns sharing stories and showing off knitting techniques as they furiously work their needles with yarn carefully feeding out of satchels slung over their shoulders. Some guarded doorways are tucked away along a back wall.
Obvious exits: northwest.

South Room

[Craftsmen's Academy, Applied Artificing]
A series of guarded doorways line a segment of the wall here. Scattered between them are tables with differently styled magical founts, beads and wands of different metals, woods and stones, and other tools commonly used by artificers. Several strange contraptions also serve as a gathering point where a Merelew Enchantress tries to explain their purpose, but the perplexed expressions of those gathered about her don't seem promising.
Obvious exits: north.

Southwest Room

[Craftsmen's Academy, Association of Alchemists]
Shelves are lined with jars of pastes, unguents, potions and other finished remedies. Tables set along a windowed wall display several variations of the Wayerd pyramid, some with cambrinth and others without. Overhead, numerous clumps of colorful dried and drying herbs are bundled with lengths of seaweed that dangle from a large fishing net -- all of which provide a heady, medicinal aroma. Additional stations lie beyond guarded doorways.
Obvious exits: northeast.

Northwest Room

[Craftsmen's Academy, Hall of Forges]
A row of forges stands opposite a matching row of anvils, and curtains of thick hides are suspended from the ceiling to help contain and redirect the smoky air and heat towards windows and vents higher up. They also serve to soften the constant clanging of metal striking metal as craftsmen show off specialized techniques to accomplish their creative designs. Private forges lie beyond guarded doorways nearby for those unwilling to disclose their secrets in the more public spaces here.
Obvious exits: southeast.