Lost Tavern

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The Lost Tavern
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Lost Tavern]
Dark and gloomy, the atmosphere reflects the abandoned appearance of the area. Four dingy, vine-covered walls hide faded messages, once legible and now covered in dust and unreadable, while unlit torches are attached to the rounded wooden beams that support the tall roof of this forgotten building. Small windows covered with dust and grim line the wall above a vine-covered display case. Scattered around the large room are tables covered with various bottles in a variety of sizes. A small bar stands next to the dilapidated door.
You also see a driftwood counter with several things on it, a dust-covered table with several things on it, a vine-covered case with several things on it and a delapitated driftwood door with rotten wood and vines.
Obvious exits: none.

On the driftwood counter
Item Price Done
carafe of dill pickle vodka 375,000   
bottle of Fine and Fruity vodka 375,000   
large vat of Extreme Espresso martini 375,000   
large glass of Lemony Tart martini 375,000   
large glass of Beautiful Bacon martini 375,000   
large glass of Tangy Mango Tango sparkler 375,000   
bottle of Comforting Coffee vodka 375,000   
On the dust-covered table
Item Price Done
jug of Chocolate Fire whiskey 375,000   
pitcher of Pleasure Paradise rum 375,000   
pitcher of Lime Sublime rum 375,000   
jug of Deep Darkness moonshine 375,000   
jug of Grape Escape moonshine 375,000   
barrel of Very Cherry whiskey 375,000   
On the vine-covered case
Item Price Done
carafe of Peanut Butter Extreme cocktail 375,000   
bowl of Sunshine punch 375,000   
bowl of Tropical Fire punch 375,000   
bottle of Seaweed Surprise cocktail 375,000   
stein of Buttery Rootbeer cocktail 375,000