Limited Treasures (6)

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Limited Treasures
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
Owner Gortik
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Limited Treasures, Lounge]
Plush white carpet covers the floor from wall to wall, contrasting with the dark polished metal that creates them. A pair of overstuffed black chairs sit to either side of a long charcoal-hued couch covered in throw pillows. More pillows of various colors are scattered upon the floor giving customers a choice for seating. A silversteel door stands across the room from another door ominously curtained with deathfiber.
You also see a large sign edged with crimson moonsilver.

  • The silversteel door to leave, the curtained door (when open) to the Sales Floor.
A large sign edged with crimson moonsilver reads:
 After last year's shenanigans, I was forced to add security measures to protect my wares.  

 I suggest you approach the curtained door carefully, those who try to force their way may not like the results they get.  

 ~ Gortik"

Sales Floor

[Limited Treasures, Sales Floor]
Polished to a gleam, dark metal covers the walls, ceiling, and floor save for a spot in the very center of the room where a silversteel stand sits upon a white velvet rug trimmed in silver. A steel candle-covered chandelier is suspended exactly above it, the lights glimmering across all the metal surfaces.
You also see a large sign edged with blackened moonsilver and a curtained silversteel door.

A large sign edged with blackened moonsilver reads:

"Items sold here are limited in total sales.  New items will be restocked throughout the festival at RANDOM times.

Each Family is limited to FIVE purchases during the festival.  

Choose carefully.  There will be no refunds."

Note: For Platinum, the purchase limit is 25 per account.

On a silversteel stand (LIMITED ITEMS)
Item Price Done
faded duchess satin bodice soiled with rusty brown stains along the neckline 3,187,500   
patchy robes sloppily sewn from scraps of furred hide 1,187,500   
battered whitleather surgical case with a crow-shaped vengeance ruby clasp 1,562,500   
dark-scale leather work pants with niniam rackensprocket rivets 3,875,000   
articulated clockwork hand claws with patinated haralun blades 4,375,000   
tyrium half-mask wrought from a clockwork matrix strewn with voilyne cogs 7,437,500   
distressed whitleather valise accented with panels of colorful gingham 2,062,500   
radiant shireli lace sundress awash in exquisite sungold beading 84,375,000   
knee-length seasilk pants with a modest leather belt 2,937,500   
wide brinewood armcuff inlaid with a cobalt mosaic of Drogor's Wrath sapphires 1,312,500   
miniature nacre-bone walrus tusk 1,437,500   
handsome sunken leather longcoat secured with polished brinewood toggles 11,562,500   
straight-legged deep brown westan wool pants with reinforced seams 1,312,500   
smoky charcoal deathfiber cape fastened by an onyx-eyed howlite skull 1,687,500   
dark crimson gown of clingy whirlpool crepe with ghostly mistglass hip-chains 5,062,500   
lovely picnic basket interwoven with colorful ribbons 1,562,500   
dainty tamboti tea chest lined with whirlpool crepe 5,937,500   
furniture voucher illustrated with a satiny blue ayabere pie-safe 3,125,000   
stylish shadesatin waistcoat fastened by smooth whiskey quartz 6,875,000   
crisp high-collared silverweave shirt with a rakishly tied brocade cravat 23,750,000   
black leather jacket wrapped in eerily glowing moonsilver chains 9,687,500   
indigo kimono of whirlpool crepe with voluminous silver-trimmed sleeves 13,687,500   
textured skull mask of goldenglow glaes set with avene gems 15,625,000   
crystalline collection of rainbow hematite prisms 1,812,500   
jadeleaf harvest bag depicting a red-haired dryad perched in a flamethorn tree 4,687,500   
firestorm samite coat shimmering with pale hues reminiscent of white-hot flames 13,437,500   
vibrant falcon with autumn jasper feathers edged in sungold 23,750,000   
knobby khor'vela cane with bone-white seven-pointed star inlays 3,437,500   
glossy burgundy wig featuring softly tousled bangs 2,187,500   
wispy whisperlayne uaro's'sugi trimmed with midnight onyx 3,750,000   
verdant spring gown with swirling charoite rose buds blooming along the train 13,125,000   
square-necked jadeleaf cloth tunic trimmed in leaf-green filigree 3,125,000   
vivacious flower sprite with gem-encrusted wings 3,437,500   
haggard black cire cloak fashioned from a tattered shroud 2,437,500   
decrepit sunken leather haversack supported by a knotted rope strap 9,687,500   
oceanic orichalcum ouroboros 3,937,500   
exquisite forest-green moon coral earrings suspended from diamond solitaires 3,937,500   
collection of miniature grimoires with scorched covers and singed pages 1,562,500   
stunning obsidian songsilk gown with delicate crystals spiraling up the skirt 5,312,500   
blackened bog oak circlet sprouting wicked thistles of absinthe emerald 2,250,000   
grisly leather war belt dangling sightless shrunken heads with sewn shut mouths 1,400,000   
series of savagely sharp teeth carved out of sharkstone 3,250,000   
stuffed black and white cow with blackened moonsilver horns 5,625,000   
flotilla of miniature dirigibles armed with realistic tri-bolt ballistas 2,187,500   
corseted shadesatin longcoat with an overlay of dainty marquisette fairy wings 5,937,500   
spiraled smokewood wand inlaid with black niello flames 1,937,500   
kraken tentacles constructed from ghostly mistglass 1,187,500   
grubby multi-hued moss 687,500   
sunken leather bookbag fastened with an abalone-inlaid treasure chest 11,562,500   
knee-length tunic dress of soft cream-colored eolienne with coralite beading 15,937,500   
bark-like sardonyx scales 1,062,500   
dapper goldenglow glaes cufflinks displaying polished spectrolite cabochons 2,812,500   
nacre-bone leviathan skull inlaid with ghostly pale asarenjan symbols 4,062,500   
chubby clockwork dragonet with wobbly wings and goldenglow glaes scales 4,375,000   
burnished gold carcanet adorned with brilliant iahja inlay 4,062,500   
twinkling starlight velvet handbag dusted with tiny twilight sapphires 3,437,500   
darkstone pauldron embossed with a raging dragon armored in smokestone scales 5,937,500   
ink-hued thornweave corset possessing scintillating semi-sheer bloodlace panels 4,687,500   
ice sapphire dragon with glacial blue tail spikes 1,312,500   
trio of goldenglow glaes chains suspending lustrous celestial riftstone charms 5,312,500   
draping mask of oceanic orichalcum chains scattered with motes of asarenjan 16,875,000   
striking firestorm damask cloak edged in effulgent sungold beading 81,259,375   
dangling pair of concentrenic hoop earrings cradling riftstone starbursts 1,875,000   
lustrous goldenglow glaes ring crowned with an immaculate sun coral sphere 2,187,500   
halter-neck gown with chaotically layered skirts of windstorm gossamer 9,062,500   
enchanting winter gown created from snow-white feathers dipped in silversteel 6,875,000   
dramatically sculpted gown of sunkissed chiffon arrayed in dawnbreak diamonds 206,250,000   
sylphlike gown of plumette velvet with a striking train of jade-green gossamer 43,750,000   
cosmic gown resplendent with luminous skirts bestrewn with glittery galaxies 39,375,000