Glam and Gritty

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Glam and Gritty
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Glam and Gritty, Anteroom]
Elegant ebony cabinets display wares behind slightly grimy glass doors. The polished wood of the floors shines through the occasional patch of scuffing that really could use some cleaning. A brass and glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling, its perfection only slightly marred by a small spiderweb run between two of the candleholders.
You also see an ebony table with several things on it, an ebony coat rack with several things on it, an ebony cabinet and an ebony door.
Obvious exits: north.

On the ebony table
Item Price Done
shimmering watersilk blouse edged in gold knotwork - Becomes: a grimy watersilk blouse smeared with mud and filth 112,500   
sophisticated Velakan linen blouse lavishly embroidered in shades of blue - Becomes: a roughspun linen blouse with torn off sleeves 750,000   
ruffled ivory silk blouse embellished with shireli lace cuffs - Becomes: a low-cut ivory silk blouse embroidered with the word "barmaid" 212,500   
tailored black blouse buttoned with pitch pearls - Becomes: a shabby black blouse with badly stitched seams 187,500   
On the coat rack
Item Price Done
dramatic blue oceanmist satin jacket featuring a white floral motif - Becomes: a mottled blue satin jacket covered in white stains 1,562,500   
slim-fitting crimson dragonfire brocade jacket buttoned at a diagonal - Becomes: a scruffy brocade jacket pinned with a small badge that reads "Barkeep" 2,625,000   
bespoke chocolate-brown khaddar jacket lined with teal paisley silk - Becomes: a faded teal khaddar jacket lined with chocolate-brown flannel 62,500   
stately black gemfire velvet jacket lavishly trimmed with gold braiding - Becomes: a ill-fitting black velvet jacket with dull brass buttons 2,625,000   
In the ebony cabinet
Item Price Done
elegant black dress shirt of smooth shadesatin - Becomes: a moth-eaten black dress shirt with tattered cuffs 1,875,000   
lustrous silverweave shirt buttoned with murky grey Velakan pearls - Becomes: a discolored silverweave shirt with missing buttons 1,062,500   
open-necked Velaken linen shirt laced with icy blue cording - Becomes: a sun-bleached farmer's linen shirt covered in grass stains 750,000   
high-collared crimson shirt composed of moonspun silk - Becomes: a washed-out crimson shirt with rolled up sleeves 625,000   

[Glam and Gritty, Main Floor]
The dark ebony floors contrast with the pale, almost white, wood of the birch paneling on the walls. Matching ebony shelves are set slightly askew on the walls, almost as if the builders were in too much of a hurry to actually make sure they were level. A few dust bunnies lurk in the corners, having escaped the lackluster cleaning of the salesforce.
You also see an ebony table with several things on it and an ebony bench with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the ebony table
Item Price Done
sheer black linen hose flocked with roses - Becomes: some droopy linen hose with sporadic holes along the seams 25,000   
silky black tights with a trail of night diamonds down the back seam - Becomes: some cheap black tights slashed down the legs 875,000   
pristine white thigh-high stockings decorated with black bows - Becomes: some rumpled off-white thigh-high stockings 18,750   
knee-high zerarin wool socks with thick cuffs - Becomes: some threadbare knee-high wool socks with holes along the toes 500,000   
On the ebony shelves
Item Price Done
high-waisted blue oceanmist satin skirt embroidered with white flowers - Becomes: a high-waisted satin skirt crinkled all along the hem 2,000,000   
sumptuous floor-length skirt swagged with Gemfire rubies - Becomes: a mangy floor-length skirt kilted up on one side 1,250,000   
pristine white eolienne walking skirt exquisitely pleated along the hem - Becomes: a goose turd-hued walking skirt with a lopsidedly bustled skirt 3,500,000   
exquisite black skirt with an iridescent wildlace overlay - Becomes: a homely black skirt with a jagged hem 1,562,500   
On the ebony bench
Item Price Done
slim-fitting blue oceanmist satin trousers embellished with a white floral motif - Becomes: some wrinkled blue satin pants with a sagging waistband 2,000,000   
luxurious crimson trousers cut from dragonfire brocade - Becomes: some crimson trousers with wide tears down each leg 3,500,000   
stylish chocolate-brown leather pants belted with teal paisley silk - Becomes: some crudely sewn brown leather pants with misshapen seams 37,500   
slim-fitting black gemfire velvet pants piped in gold - Becomes: some baggy black velvet pants cropped just below the knees 3,500,000   

[Glam and Gritty, Alcove]
Tucked into a corner are a couple of brooms, the dust and cobwebs covering them a mute testimony to how little use they see. A few scuffed storage boxes litter the floor, the lids leaning against them while they spill packing straw around the floor.
You also see some brass cloak hooks with several things on it, a brass table with several things on it and a brass display with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the cloak hooks
Item Price Done
flashy carmine lipka cotton cloak chased with golden flames - Becomes: a thin cotton cloak dyed a dreary grey hue 137,500   
earthy brown linen cloak covered in a canopy of autumn leaves - Becomes: a ratty brown linen cloak with uneven stitches 62,500   
sophisticated starlight velvet cloak clasped with a Xibar-blue orb - Becomes: a homely brown velvet cloak lined with flannel 2,500,000   
magnificent dragonfire brocade cloak secured with a merlot ruby brooch - Becomes: a slovenly brocade cloak splotched with unknown substances 3,750,000   
On the brass table
Item Price Done
deep emerald jadeleaf cloth robes fringed with tiny skulls - Becomes: some bulky mustard-yellow cloth robes belted with a piece of rope 62,500   
sparkling white silk robes tailored for a slim fit - Becomes: some bedraggled ecru silk robes with a sloppy hemline 100,000   
tasteful aubergine duchess satin linen robes with billowy sleeves - Becomes: some frumpy beige satin robes with unsymmetrical pleating 3,750,000   
glittery lipka cotton robes dyed a striking shade of blue - Becomes: some sloppy cotton robes dyed a garish shade of puce 125,000   
On the brass display
Item Price Done
respectable copper rosecloth day gown embroidered with white lilies - Becomes: a muddy brown day gown with a lopsidedly bustled skirt 4,500,000   
resplendent sunkissed chiffon ballgown with scalloped lace sleeves - Becomes: a unflattering orange chiffon ballgown with clashing bright pink sleeves 4,500,000   
stunning red party dress corseted down the back - Becomes: a tacky green party dress with a low neckline and an uneven hem 62,500   
glamorous gold gown of gracefully gathered gossamer - Becomes: a grubby gold gown grimed with goo and guts 62,500