Musiceum (9)

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The Musiceum
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
Owner Kouzan
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Music shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Regular Stock

[The Musiceum, Orchestral Manoeuvres]
Dark sable velvet drapery has been hung from ceiling to wall, swathing the room in near blackness. The darkness is staved off completely by several gaethzen globes hung by near invisible wire that have been carefully positioned over the display cases to allow the wares for sale to be seen clearly. Nestled between the swathes of cloth, cases and instrument tools have been hung on pegboards to show them off to their best advantage.
You also see a large willow counter and an ornate gold door.
Obvious exits: northeast.

On the small ebonwood shelf
Item Price Done
dull tin triangle 2,500   
glossy kuwinite triangle 200,000   
dusky crimson loveglass triangle 312,500   
glossy oceanic orichalcum triangle 562,500   
polished goldenglow glaes triangle 812,500   

On the large oak shelf
Item Price Done
onyx-edged pozumshi tabor secured with a black tension rope 162,500   
polished black walnut tabor secured with grey tension rope 13,125   
aganylosh'a tabor painted with multi-hued rainbows 11,875   
polished ribbon-stripe tabor decorated with silver edging 62,500   

On the white tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
set of forty-eight spun glass instrument strings 2,931   
set of forty-eight silk instrument strings 1,178   
set of forty-eight gut instrument strings 375   
set of forty-eight metal instrument strings 1,556   

On the red velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
acacia hautbois with gold banana-shaped keys for 11,625   
polished ribbon-stripe hautbois with gold hexagonal keys 62,500   
polished Dwarven iron hautbois with red jade keys for 155,000   
polished Aesetani applewood hautbois with onyx octagonal keys 187,500   

On the black velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
etched glass piccolo with delicate gold keys 62,500   
polished lacewood piccolo with druzy quartz keys 68,750   
rosy-pink loveglass piccolo adorned with heart-shaped asini keys 900,000   
eggshell-hued spiritwood piccolo with onyx keys 165,000   
reddish-brown ribbon-stripe piccolo with silver keys 52,500   
polished afrormosia piccolo with electrum keys 25,000   

On the grey velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
polished red macawood clarinet with anlora-avtoma keys 15,625   
cream-hued ramin clarinet with malachite keys 15,415   
ayabere clarinet with orichalcum keys 619,605   
polished goldenglow glaes clarinet with onyx keys 8,500,000   

On the haon display case
Item Price Done
bog oak bass viol inlaid with multi-hued jade cobras 404,167   
polished ban-minahle bass viol with oblong silver tuning pegs 66,250   
polished haon bass viol 57,500   
polished bass viol of oceanic orichalcum with a palladium fingerboard 11,250,000   

On the beechwood display case
Item Price Done
flame maple viola inlaid with small erythraean flames 566,250   
plain ayabere viola with a gold fingerboard 793,750   
polished Siksrajan applewood viola with a fingerboard crushed epidote 1,225,000   
knotty fruitwood viola with black widow-shaped tomiek tuning pins 443,750   
polished ilomba viola with an arkose sandstone inlaid fingerboard 37,500   

On the ironwood display case
Item Price Done
polished moabi heartwood violincello adorned with niello sharks 49,375   
untreated ribbon-stripe violincello adorned with gold rivulets 23,750   
snow-white spiritwood violincello carved with romping foxes 837,500   
exaggerated square-shaped teak violincello 175,000   
polished violet-hued alerce violincello inlaid with skeins of niello 112,500   

On the white oak pegboard
Item Price Done
carved howlite pick shaped like a large fang 62,500   
bright blue turquoise pick shaped like a fan 3,750   
sago palm pick carved to resemble a lemur 8,750   
orange rencate pick shaped like a tiny squid 16,250   
purple rencate pick shaped like a dodecahedron 16,250   
red rencate pick shaped like a pair of lips 16,250   
yellow rencate pick shaped like the shining sun 10,000   
green rencate pick shaped like a fat caterpillar 10,000   
blue rencate pick shaped like a tiny frog 10,000   
demonbone pick carved in the shape of a blooming lotus 15,000   
yew drum stick 112   
silverwood drum stick 112   
deobar drum stick 112   
wiirwood handled mallet 500   
uuryvhh handled mallet 500   
pine handled mallet 500   
polished oceanic orichalcum instrument bow inlaid with tiny obsidian eighth notes 500,000   
polished goldenglow glaes instrument bow 750,000   
polished loveglass instrument bow 162,500   
huljik-wood instrument bow 3,750   
polished holm oak instrument bow 22,500   
polished crabwood instrument bow 81,250   
polished ribbon-stripe instrument bow 262,500   

On the black oak pegboard
Item Price Done
harp case of polished ribbon-stripe with seahorse-shaped silver toggles 437,500   
harp case of cerulean-hued ayabere with gold cephalopod toggles 1,093,750   
medium black leather case with gold toggles 11,875   
medium black leather case with silver toggles 9,375   
medium black leather case with brass toggles 3,125   
small black leather case with silver toggles 6,875   
small black leather case with gold toggles 9,375   
small black leather case with brass toggles 1,875   

Limited Stock

[The Musiceum, Amber Room]
Set up in an octagonal shape, this room has been fitted with amber panels throughout. Behind each panel, light has been set up to allow the amber to glow like a warm fire as well as highlighting the tiny bubbles and animals trapped within. Ornate gold hardware secures each panel to the next, blending almost seamlessly with the tawny-hue of the paneling. Three gaethzen globes suspend above the empty room, while a large hanging sign has been strung up to rest immediately below the middle globe. You also see a hastily constructed sign of creamy vellum hanging from a golden silk cord.
Obvious exits: southwest.

A large hanging sign reads:

~Limited Stock. You are limited to THREE total purchases. Choose wisely. These are COMPLEX instruments.  Yes, they are hard.  No, I will not refund you if you cannot play it.~
On the ornate marble pedestal
Item Price Done
On the plain marble pedestal
Item Price Done
On the fluted marble pedestal
Item Price Done

Prior to the current set of items, the following items were for sale until they all sold out:

Sold Out Items
Item Price Done
goldenglow glaes capped bagpipes with polished brinewood pipes 9,437,504   
double-necked cross-strung harp made of both ayabere and gloomwood 10,724,314   
pearlescent nacre-bone tabla chased with an overall knotwork pattern in asini 9,474,313