Tighten Up (2)

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Tighten Up!
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Tighten Up!, Salesfloor]
Bare whitewashed walls accentuate the wild colors and patterns of the merchandise displayed on shelves and counters. A few free-standing racks in the center of the room hold more wares for the milling customers to peruse and purchase.
You also see a tall door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the walnut table
Item Price Done
russet broadcloth corset with black cord laces 62,500   
grey steelsilk corset laced with twisted black cotton cords 375,000   
garnet brocade corset figured with a paisley design in bronze shades 125,000   
coral spidersilk corset trimmed with mint green silk 37,500   
cobalt velvet corset trimmed with pale cream silk 50,000   
beige crepe corset decorated with a stalking tiger 87,500   
multicolored printed linen corset with a design of flowers 37,500   
plain white cotton corset trimmed with black binding 37,500   
pale grey deathfiber corset with dark grey cotton cords 250,000   
striped armure corset lined with black silk 1,500,000   
On the ash stand
Item Price Done
ruby icesilk corset with black silk trim 250,000   
plain tan camlet corset with bright russet leather trim 375,000   
peach boudre corset with darker orange shadesatin trim 600,000   
harvest-gold dergatine corset lined with ultramarine silk 5,250,000   
ochre wool corset appliqued with tiny red mushrooms 62,500   
black and yellow striped cotton corset with black silk cord lacing 187,500   
black flannel corset with bright yellow trim 62,500   
scarlet kidskin corset lined with periwinkle satin 62,500   
firestorm taffeta corset lined with golden yellow satin 3,750,000   
khaki tooled leather corset decorated with acorns and leaves 87,500   
storm-grey silk corset embroidered with a design of storm clouds over the ocean 62,500   
On the oak counter
Item Price Done
tooled leather corset decorated with stars 87,500   
multicolored brocade corset woven in a floral design 62,500   
cobalt twill corset lined with tan satin 62,500   
brown and tan checked tweed corset lined with tan satin 62,500   
fuchsia flannel corset with bright yellow trim 62,500   
cream and grey damask corset with black silk cord lacing 187,500   
embroidered emerald satin corset depicting peacock plumes 187,500   
silveress corset lined with black crepe silk 5,250,000   
starlight velvet corset with black shadesatin trim 3,750,000   
flowered calico corset with bright green bindings 62,500   
grass green silk corset trimmed with black silk embroidered panthers 75,000   
wine-colored thornweave corset trimmed with narrow white lace 4,375,000   
On the iron shelf
Item Price Done
softly tanned doeskin corset dyed a pale cream 75,000   
plum seasilk corset lined with cloth of gold 5,500,000   
lava samite corset with metallic gold lacings 5,000,000   
undyed muslin corset trimmed with nutmeg brown silk binding 37,500   
multicolored flowered chintz corset lined with pale pink cambric 75,000   
pale lavender taffeta corset lined with alabaster silk 50,000   
indigo broadcloth corset embroidered with tiny seashells 50,000   
weathered canvas corset trimmed with leather bindings 37,500   
crimson dragonar corset laced with twisted black cotton cords 3,750,000   
dragonfire brocade corset with scarlet silk laces 5,625,000   
scarlet cire corset with metallic gold laces 1,875,000   
bluefire velvet corset laced with braided silver cords 4,500,000   
On the iron rack
Item Price Done
ivory silk corset trimmed with ermine fur 112,500   
taffleberry black satin corset embroidered with colorful tarts 87,500   
tan suede corset stamped with ivy vines 87,500   
plain grey cotton corset with black binding and laces 37,500   
electroweave corset with ebony silk laces 112,500   
fawn-colored farandine corset trimmed with russet brown binding 600,000   
plain silverweave corset with silver cord lacings 750,000   
tooled leather corset ornamented with a skull and crossbones 250,000   
mint green bourde corset laced with deep emerald silk laces 2,500,000   
bright pumpkin orange corset trimmed with brass grommets 125,000   
pale yellow lotusweave corset with bright blue silk cord lacing 2,500,000   
amethyst-colored icesilk corset with lilac silk laces 4,000,000