Seat of Unification

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This building on the Andreshlew Dock Walk supports 5 restricted-access arches, 1 each for each of the Merelew Factions that can be aligned with during the Hollow Eve Festival. A base of 900 reputation points per faction is needed to enter the corresponding arch. A minimum amount of reputation may also be needed to enter the building.

At a certain level of standing, and upon defeating a Drogor avatar (learn more), you can INVOKE your ecosphere in any faction room you have access to in order to learn a special movement action.

INVOKE: There is no visible change, but your ecosphere feels more lively with the added mark of the [faction].
[You can now TURN your ecosphere to [faction] and INVOKE their movement style in other areas.]


[Seat of Unification, Lobby]
A hub of activity, this hexagonal room features each faction equally represented along a wall. Merelew come and go, briefly stopping to talk with one another before passing through. Like all transitory spaces, it is marked primarily by clean floors and passably comfortable furniture that appears largely unused. Festive kelp linen banners hang from the ceiling, which is set with a swirling pattern of blue-hued stones.
You also see a coral arch, a metallic arch, a living arch, an elaborate arch, a simple arch and a columned exit.
Obvious exits: none.

Faction Merelew NPC Title Arch Name
Depth Shapers Form Shaper Vestaet Initiate Shaper coral arch
Inverted Crucible Transmuter Zaenen Tidal Mixer metallic arch
Trickling Sun Preserver of Balance Kixfa Depth Preserver living arch
Red Fan Traders Opportunity Broker Petret Tidal Broker elaborate arch
Supplicants of the Tide Aluna's Protector Iaxet Tidal Adherent simple arch

Trickling Sun

[Lounge, Trickling Sun]
Every surface is covered in life, ocean and air breathing represented in equal part. Thick vines cover the walls, tall cylindrical tanks hold schooling fish and stretching kelp, and open basins feature mussel covered rocks regularly misted with brine rising around open pools full of anemone, coral, crab and darting octopus. Several Merelew tend to the room, softly chiding uncooperative flora and fauna and praising new growth. A large stone platform at the center of the room displays a small piece of tomiek sealed in thick lead glass, and on the far wall, a large oval door is secured with thick kelp fiber ropes.
You also see a living arch.
Obvious exits: none.

Items of Note


No bigger than an egg, the small chunk of tomiek gives off an unsettling purple glow. Resting next to a small plaque, the piece is housed under a heavy lead glass dome.

A piece of tomiek reads: "May we never forget the damage done, nor the duty to restore balance."


Covered in carved images of waving kelp and leaping dolphin, the door is secured with thick kelp fiber ropes.

  • The door is currently closed off (as of 11/3/2023).

Depth Shapers

[Lounge, Depth Shapers]
Half completed sculptures and murals are arranged around the room, as Merelew dressed in functional work robes mill about. While the most common medium is flowing shell and coral, stone, tapestry, and the occasional glint of gem or metal are also incorporated into the designs. Some of the Merelew are busy working on projects, others passionately debating technique or expression. Visible is a wide range of artistic representation, from the abstract and symbolic to exquisite detail and lifelike forms. Scattered throughout the room are various imported artworks from the mainland, meticulously cared for and prominently displayed. Etched into the far wall is an oval line.
You also see a coral arch.
Obvious exits: none.

Line (Door)

On closer examination, the line does not appear carved, but rather, naturally formed, as one continuous and smooth depression into the stone wall. It is clearly a door, though it appears sealed.

Inverted Crucible

[Lounge, Inverted Crucible]
The air reeks of chemicals, sour acids and bitter bases, the stench of sulfur and the yeasty tang of fermenting kelp. The sound of hammering and roaring fires can be heard echoing deeper into the building. A number of plain tables and benches line the walls, stockpiles of materials carefully sorted along shelves. One wall is clean slate, interrupted by regularly mounted cups holding dense chalk in various colors. The slate is covered in incomplete diagrams, sketched ideas, and mathematical or chemical formulae. On the far wall, a large oval door is secured with thick bands of shimmering steel.
You also see a metallic arch.
Obvious exits: none.

Items of Note


Mounted on thick hinges, the door is secured by thick bands of shimmery steel, the specially treated metal curiously catching and reflecting the light.

Red Fan Traders

[Lounge, Red Fan Traders]
Numerous rich seasilk banners are hung from the ceiling, each dyed a shimmering purple and stitched with a sprawling, brilliant ruby red fan coral. Arranged for privacy and comfortable conversation, tastefully subdued furniture in numerous cultural styles is spaced around the room, and several Merelew attendants ensure guests are supplied with drink or food of their choosing. Gorgeous nacre-coated oil lamps burn with a clean smokeless light, warmly illuminating the space. On the eastern and western walls are large murals, showcasing elegant oceanic and dryland vistas in stunning detail. On the far wall there is a large oval door trimmed in kiralan and secured with thick kertig bands.
You also see an elaborate arch.
Obvious exits: none.

Items of Note

East Mural

Framed in a thin pearl border, the eastern mural showcases lush kelp forests and rolling underwater mountain ranges, dotted with detailed schooling fish and striking sharks. Exquisite streaks of flashy colors blur within a school of squid and jellyfish which rise above coral gardens. One end of the mural fades into an inky black abyssal crevice, the fathomless void meant to convey the enormity of the ocean's depths.

West Mural

Framed in a thin matte black border, the western mural showcases expansive forests and mountain ranges, detailed horses racing along the steppe, and eagles soaring in the cloud speckled skies. The emptiness of the image stirs a sentiment of loneliness, though the scene is simultaneously evocative of adventure and risk.


Expertly carved and etched in abstract patterns, the door is trimmed in kiralan and secured with thick kertig bands.

Supplicants of the Tide

[Lounge, Supplicants of the Tide]
An expansive limestone dome arcs high overhead, removed sections in a trifold symmetrical pattern forming a large skylight. The acoustics of the room are incredible -- there is no echo, but all sound is amplified. Flawlessly polished sapphire and quartz prisms hang from fine seasilk lines, gently swaying in errant breezes and casting dancing rainbows and spears of light along every surface. At the center of the room sits a softly smiling statue of Aluna, arms outstretched and webbed hands splayed wide. Numerous Merelew in simple robes gaze upward or at the figure in reflection, attending to the questions of guests in muted conversation. On the far wall there is a plain oval door secured with a thick basalt beam.
You also see a simple arch.
Obvious exits: none.

Items of Note


Carved in exquisite detail, the marble statue depicts a scaled Merelew woman with flowing kelp for hair, smiling softly. Baring her teeth in challenge, her arms and webbed hands are outstretched, as if in welcome or ready for violence. The statue appears fantastically lifelike, and seems to drink the drink, always illuminated by sun, moon, or stars.


Carved in a simple and unadorned fashion, the wooden door is secured with a thick basalt beam.