Cup It

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Cup It
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Main Room

[Cup It!, Main Room]
Wide windows are set within latice-work walls that allow the ocean breezes into the structure. Overhead, palm fronds provide the roof which is upheld by sturdy beams. A few shelves and racks display the merchandise while a bustling clerk keeps them supplied.
You also see a wooden door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the walnut rack
Item Price Done
black braided wool sling 125,000   
silken sling braided from blue and gold cords 125,000   
hempen sling braided from tightly twisted cords 125,000   
simple corded flaxen sling 125,000   
midnight-black spidersilk sling 125,000   
braided cotton sling dyed a deep purple 125,000   
mahogany leather sling with a matching cradle 125,000   
On the pine shelf
Item Price Done
scarlet braided wool sling 125,000   
braided silken sling with a rawhide cradle 125,000   
black hempen sling created from tightly twisted cords 125,000   
tawny-colored braided flaxen sling 125,000   
periwinkle-blue spidersilk sling 125,000   
braided cotton sling with a white leather cradle 125,000   
sage-green leather sling with a matching cradle 125,000   

Side Room

[Cup It!, Side Room]
A cooling breeze flows through this room which has latice-work walls holding up a frond-covered roof. Windows allow for light to illuminate the tables and stands which display the wares for sale.
Obvious exits: west.

On the walnut table
Item Price Done
pine cones 62,500   
fir cones 62,500   
spruce cones 62,500   
broken brass doorknobs 62,500   
broken iron doorknobs 62,500   
splintered bone shards 62,500   
broken bone shards 62,500   
large iron buttons 62,500   
large brass buttons 62,500   
green apple cores 62,500   
pear cores 62,500   
broken steel thimbles 62,500   
On the maple stand
Item Price Done
cracked bottle corks 62,500   
jagged peach pits 62,500   
craggy cherry pits 62,500   
umber brick clumps 62,500   
irregular rock shards 62,500   
broken plate shards 62,500   
beeswax candle stubs 62,500   
lumpy geodes 62,500   
jagged metal shards 62,500   
glazed pottery shards 62,500   
irregular glass shards 62,500   
ragged porcelain shards 62,500   
On the poplar table
Item Price Done
rough gneiss stones 62,500   
smooth brass pellets 62,500   
polished bronze pellets 62,500   
dull lead pellets 62,500   
sleek steel pellets 62,500   
rusty iron pellets 62,500   
rough diorite rocks 62,500   
rounded marble pebbles 62,500   
jagged gneiss rocks 62,500   
rugged basalt rocks 62,500   
craggy pyrite rocks 62,500   
rough quartz pebbles 62,500   
smooth andesite stones 62,500   
rounded pewter pellets 62,500