Eye Spy (6)

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Eye Spy
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Eye Spy]
Little more than a closet, this tiny room is lit by what can only charitably called a chandelier -- a simple chain hanging from the ceiling supporting a dirty and chipped lantern. Two large and bizarre clusters of mannequin heads display spectacles for sale.
You also see a rounded driftwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the kapok heads
Item Price Done
pair of goldenglow glaes cat-eye spectacles studded with moon coral spheres 2,625,000   
pair of cardioid-shaped raspberry-hued avene-rimmed spectacles 750,000   
pair of horned spectacles made from faceted pineapple topaz segments 312,500   
pair of nonagon-shaped pearlescent nacre-bone spectacles with gold hinges 112,500   
pair of segmented demonbone spectacles with a squircle-shaped frame 68,750   
pair of black steel cat-eye spectacles studded with mango fluorite chips 312,500   
pair of ovoid sharkstone-rimmed spectacles 1,875,000   
On the flamethorn heads
Item Price Done
pair of thick goggles with khor'vela rims 1,000,000   
pair of glossy grey mistwood goggles with silver square buckles 62,500   
pair of bright tyrium goggles with thick circular lenses 6,250,000   
pair of eggplant-hued lunat wood goggles with lemniscate-shaped aldamdin buckles 262,500   
pair of polished brinewood goggles with opal skull-shaped buckles 562,500   
pair of kelpzyte goggles fitted with golden cat-slitted eye lenses 5,625,000   
pair of segmented orichalcum goggles with gold sphenoid-shaped buckles 1,312,500