Looty Booty (2)

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Looty Booty
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Looty Booty, Entrance]
Plain birch walls circumscribe the room, lacking any embellishment or adornment. A square doorway leads further into the shop, while a simple chain dangling from the ceiling holds a gaethzen sphere that illuminates the sparse alcove.
You also see a birch door.
Obvious exits: none.

[Looty Booty, Salesfloor]
Glass-fronted wooden cabinets line the walls, their black velvet-covered shelves displaying the exquisite wares to a well-heeled clientele. The pale woods of the paneling and floor provide a sharp contrast to the plush ebony-hued shelving. Genteel salespeople unobtrusively wait to help the patrons with their selections.
You also see a square doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

In the alder cabinet
Item Price Done
blue gold torque with Idon's sapphire finials 5,000,000   
diamond and pearl pendant necklace with a pitch pearl as the medallion 150,000   
diamond and platinum necklace with suspended stormfire topaz globular pendants 6,000,000   
moon pearl necklace of graduated shades of pale blue 6,250,000   
black gold necklace set with teardrop forest's heart garnets 10,125,000   
goldenglow glaes pectoral torque adorned with ornate bands of sculpted figures 20,000,000   
broad coralite necklace with a pink diamond-encrusted key-shaped pendant 33,750,000   
bloodmist garnet heart-shaped pendant necklace 1,562,500   
polished wide blue gold collar set with cabochon cloudstones 32,500,000   
A note on the cabinet reads: "Necklaces"

In the poplar cabinet
Item Price Done
narrow gold bangle of two abutted ram's heads with a vengeance ruby between 2,500,000   
wide platinum bangle inlaid with circular Katamba jasper stones 250,000   
gold crossover bracelet with carved panther's head finials 125,000   
segmented gold snake bracelet with black and red enameling 125,000   
A note on the cabinet reads: "Bracelets"

In the beech cabinet
Item Price Done
octagonal oravir pin inset with a merlot ruby 375,000   
colorful peacock brooch with sapphire-inlaid golden tail feathers 187,500   
openwork platinum brooch surrounding an oval-cut summer's heart sapphire 2,000,000   
blue-white mistglass brooch inset with a volcano's heart citrine 1,500,000   
canary-yellow carved cloudstone sunflower brooch set within green gold leaves 8,750,000   
dragonfly-shaped loimic pin with blue mistglass wings 5,000,000   
A note on the cabinet reads: "Brooches and pins"

In the birch cabinet
Item Price Done
blue-white mistglass ring with an inlaid alshabi stone cabochon 900,000   
white gold hexagonal ring inlaid with rubies and diamonds in alternating bands 187,500   
carved black gold panther ring with faceted demantoid garnet eyes 312,500   
diamond-encrusted platinum ring with a cushion-cut volcano's heart citrine 2,500,000   
square-cut emerald ring flanked by lighter baguette emeralds 500,000   
A note on the cabinet reads: "Rings"

In the linden cabinet
Item Price Done
oceanic orichalcum armband shaped like a snake 1,250,000   
black gold armband shaped like a slithering viper 1,250,000   
broad goldenglow glaes armband edged with black enamel 16,250,000   
A note on the cabinet reads: "Armbands"

In the ash cabinet
Item Price Done
pair of heliotrope earrings shaped like pansy blossoms 4,250,000   
pair of faceted night diamond pendant earrings surrounded by black diamonds 1,875,000   
spiral diamond and merlot ruby earrings set in platinum 1,750,000   
diamond and frost opal earrings set in platinum 1,375,000   
pair of pitch pearl teardrop earrings set in platinum 187,500   
A note on the cabinet reads: "Earrings"