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Tailor Ichea
Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Male
Location: Saidakyp of Andreshlew

Tailor Ichea will assist adventurers with modifying the gift received during Hollow Eve Festival 439.


Tailor Ichea is a Merelew. He has pearlescent green scales and is bald.
He is average height for a Merelew.
He appears to be mature.

He is holding a golden trident with silver tips in his right hand.
He is wearing some ceremonial robes, a scrimshawed pendant bearing the crest of the Inverted Crucible and a swirling eddy of incandescent light bound by a gold-striated coralite frame.


You've overheard others asking Ichea about a number of topics, including gift, styles, fabrics, containers, modifications, materials, depictions, choose, finish, family, ichea, and status.

Tailor Ichea checks a ledger and then turns it to show you: <your name>.

In an uncharacteristic (for as much as you know him) display, Ichea ruffles his gills and looks quite agitated as he shouts, "It is NOT ITCH-ee like a scab, it is ICK-ee! Get it right" He huffs and continues to look quite flustered.

Tailor Ichea beams and exclaims, "I don't recognize you, landwalker! Here!" He rummages in his swirling eddy and produces a <randomized gift>.
Tailor Ichea hands you a <randomized gift>.
Ichea smiles and exclaims, "I'd be happy to help you design the perfect container to suit your needs! I've been sewing these old things for decades; I'm confident we can come up with something JUST right!"
He continues, "You may customize the style, fabric, container, modification, material, and depictions of the final product. You may omit the style, fabric or both if you truly want to, but the rest are required I'm afraid. If you decide you'd like to change it up later, feel free to come back and we can work it out!"
He concludes, "To get started, just hold your container and start ASKing about the qualities you're interested in!"

Tailor Ichea reaches into his seasilk bindle, which seems surprisingly deep and spacious, as he pulls out a tall sign and unfurls it for you to read:
(See the gift page for all the options. There's a lot of them.)

Tailor Ichea pauses to consider, then asks, "You'd like a <option> in the form of '<choice>'. Is that accurate, <sir/madam>?"
[Repeat the command within 15 seconds to confirm. You can change it later if you would like to do so.]
Roundtime: 3 sec.
Tailor Ichea takes your <gift> and carefully inspects it. He takes out some parchment and makes a note alongside a small sketch of the item -- "<category> - <option>." At last, he looks up smiling and says, "We can do that, sure. Review the other options, as you like, and let me know when you're ready to finish the design."
[Your item hasn't changed, but your desire to change it as noted is recorded. When you're finished selecting options, ASK ICHEA ABOUT FINISH to review and confirm the work.]

Tailor Ichea peers at the <gift> and consults his ledger. Ah yes. These are my notes:
Fabric: <option selected>
Container: <option selected>
Modification: <option selected>
Material: <option selected>
Depiction: <option selected>
Ichea says, "That looks to be all I have at the moment. Remember, you may choose to omit the style, fabric or both, but everything else we must settle, even if you choose what you currently have."

Tailor Ichea claps excitedly and says, "Oh wonderful, wonderful <sir/madam>! I believe we can turn your <gift> into the container of your dreams. He holds up a sketch:
a <style> <fabric> <container> <modifications> <materials> <depictions>
Ichea says, "If that meets your expectations, just ask me again to finish up."
Roundtime: 5 sec.
  • ASK ICHEA ABOUT FINISH (confirmation)
Ichea happily snatches a <original gift> from your hands while simultaneously pulling out a <modified gift> from his swirling eddy. In the blink of an eye, any contents you had are transferred and he hands the <container> to you. "Pleasure working with you, <sir/madam>! If you decide you want to make any further tweaks, you know where to find me!"
[You should REGISTER or re-REGISTER the <gift> as soon as you're happy with it so there's an updated record available!]

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