Capture the Bag (2)

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Capture the Bag
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Capture the Bag, Shop]
Planks of weathered driftwood line the walls although there are a number of gaps between the slabs. Everything has a ramshackle look except for the merchandise offered on the driftwood displays covering the bare earth floor.
You also see a simple sign and a driftwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

A simple sign reads:
""Welcome, visitors and shoppers!  The inventory here all functions like lootpouches, lootbags, etc.  They hold 30 items.
Shop well and often!""
On the driftwood table
Item Price Done
dove grey steelsilk pouch covered with embroidered black goats 1,500,000   
dingy grey sailcloth bag stenciled in black and red 1,500,000   
tattered beige canvas tote covered with stains 1,500,000   
pale aqua velvet purse spangled with silver stars 1,500,000   
dark brown felt case shaped like a treasure chest 1,500,000   
steel grey felt pouch shaped like a fish 1,500,000   
bright red leather case shaped like an apple 1,500,000   
pale cream wicker creel lined with plaid flannel 1,500,000   
On the driftwood counter
Item Price Done
taupe linen pouch with dark brown leather straps 1,500,000   
maroon wool pouch embroidered with white silk thread 1,500,000   
beige felt tote embroidered with tiny green frogs 1,500,000   
frayed canvas bag with dark brown stencils 1,500,000   
sand-colored canvas pouch with a pewter clasp 1,500,000   
tooled buff-colored leather case 1,500,000   
On the driftwood stand
Item Price Done
supple azure doeskin sack 1,500,000   
shabby brown canvas bag with cracking leather thigh straps 1,500,000   
cobalt silk pouch embroidered with gold honeybees 1,500,000   
bright crimson felt pouch decorated with silver stars 1,500,000   
chalk white velvet pouch with purple fringe 1,500,000   
tooled leather case dyed a deep russet brown 1,500,000   
On the driftwood shelf
Item Price Done
plain blue canvas pouch with gilt snaps 1,500,000   
off white oilcloth pouch painted with faded red markings 1,500,000   
nutmeg brown leather box with a bronze clasp 1,500,000   
thin black wicker basket with leather straps 1,500,000   
tattered sailcloth tote with black stenciling 1,500,000   
viridian figured velvet bag 1,500,000   
peacock blue wool sack decorated with beadwork 1,500,000   
tooled leather case depicting a cantering centaur 1,500,000   
rufous flannel pouch embroidered with zigzag lines 1,500,000   
On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
burgundy thornweave pouch embellished with ecru embroidery 1,500,000   
salmon pink felt tote with bright green leather straps 1,500,000   
supple khaki-colored calfskin pouch decorated with beadwork 1,500,000   
faded grey sailcloth packet with two leather straps 1,500,000   
pale grey steelsilk bag with black silk drawstrings 1,500,000   
tooled leather case decorated with a sailing ship 1,500,000   
wicker arm basket with a brass clasp 1,500,000   
ash-grey oilcloth arm purse 1,500,000   
forest green broadcloth arm pouch 1,500,000   
On the driftwood chest
Item Price Done
coral-colored deerskin arm poke 1,500,000   
pale cream felt arm sack with leather straps 1,500,000   
softly tanned leather arm tote embossed with blossoms 1,500,000   
peacock-blue broadcloth arm poke topstitched with dark green stitches 1,500,000   
oilcloth arm bag with black stenciling 1,500,000   
somber onyx-dyed chamois pouch with matching leather straps 1,500,000   
On the driftwood casket
Item Price Done
tooled burgundy leather portfolio with iron buckles 1,500,000   
faded canvas workbag with a rope drawstring 1,500,000   
battered wicker basket with a wooden lid 1,500,000   
charcoal-grey wool satchel 1,500,000   
buff serge thigh pouch with a cylindrical wooden toggle 1,500,000   
beige sailcloth thigh bag with leather straps 1,500,000   
On the driftwood crate
Item Price Done
white wicker basket trimmed with black ribbons 1,500,000   
pale grey canvas ankle packet with a painted design on the front 1,500,000   
khaki wool ankle tote with a wide leather strap 1,500,000   
tooled doeskin ankle pouch 1,500,000   
thick yellow felt pouch with two calfskin straps 1,500,000   
weathered sailcloth pouch with a cord drawstring 1,500,000   
On the driftwood box
Item Price Done
mocha-colored leather pannier 1,500,000   
light blue wool pouch with leather straps 1,500,000   
teal-colored flannel tail pouch with a brass buckle 1,500,000   
black linen packet with reinforced straps 1,500,000   
pure white felted wool tail purse with a pewter clasp 1,500,000   
crimson canvas satchel with brass buckles 1,500,000   
On the driftwood bin
Item Price Done
white wicker hamper lined in cream muslin 1,500,000   
weathered canvas feedbag with a cord drawstring 1,500,000   
painted wooden canister with leather straps 1,500,000   
periwinkle-blue twill pack 1,500,000   
deep blue wool carryall embroidered with silver snowflakes 1,500,000   
tooled mahogany leather satchel with gilt buckles 1,500,000