Emperor's New Robes (2)

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The Emperor's New Robes
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[The Emperor's New Robes, Outlet]
Lofty tentpoles hold up the striped roof which soars overhead. Multi-hued bands of silk run vertically along the walls, making the interior a riot of color even without the kaleidoscopic hues of the merchandise. Racks and stands display the wares on offer while salesclerks bustle about.
You also see a pavilion flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the poplar rack
Item Price Done
pistachio-green cotton caftan with long sleeves 500,000   
powder-blue linen robe shot through with silver threads 500,000   
loden green cotton robe embroidered with brown acorns 500,000   
dark grey steelsilk robe with an upright collar 1,500,000   
sun-kissed chiffon robe trimmed with gold braid 16,500,000   
khaki shadesatin caftan trimmed with black bands 6,250,000   
midnight-black scalene cassock with long sleeves 7,500,000   
dove-grey petalette robe with full sleeves 7,500,000   
firestorm damask cassock lined with goldweave 13,500,000   
ecru eolienne robe with a high-necked collar 9,000,000   
rich cobalt dragonar caftan trimmed with gold piping 7,500,000   
On the maple rack
Item Price Done
rose and white checked wool caftan lined with white silk 62,500   
rich golden yellow silk alb embroidered with a flying dragon on the back 187,500   
spring-green velvet over-robe with celadon silk cuffs and collar 62,500   
long-sleeved burgundy wool caftan 62,500   
steel-blue wool cassock with a high white linen collar 62,500   
voluminous linen burnoose with yellow and orange stripes 62,500   
russet zibeline over-robe with wide sleeves 312,500   
lightweight pale blue winterweave robe lined with cerulean duchess satin 8,125,000   
aqua uzil burnoose with long sleeves 1,500,000   
grass-green lotuswave cassock with white cuffs and collar 4,500,000   
blue-green jadeleaf cloth cassock lined with black silk 125,000   
jade green camlet robe trimmed with miniver 1,500,000   
steel grey whirlpool crepe caftan trimmed with dark grey silk braid 7,500,000   
On the birch stand
Item Price Done
blood red silk robe embroidered with tiny stars 62,500   
pale cream cashmere robe lined with black cambric 125,000   
jet black broadcloth cassock with white cuffs and collar 62,500   
taupe-colored homespun robe with a keyhole-shaped neckline 62,500   
lightweight cornflower blue linen robe with a square neckline 62,500   
thin jade green cotton robe with wide sleeves 62,500   
voluminous linen burnoose with black and white stripes 62,500   
scarlet wool cassock with a high white linen collar 62,500   
voluminous sand-colored linen caftan 62,500   
black velvet over-robe with sable silk cuffs and collar 62,500   
bright golden yellow silk alb embroidered with a radiant sun on the back 62,500   
black and grey checked wool caftan lined with black silk 62,500   
On the birch rack
Item Price Done
aqua arzumodine robe with a square neckline 1,500,000   
amethyst armure robe with a high-necked collar 500,000   
royal blue bourde robe lined with pale cream silk 1,875,000   
jade green dergatine cassock lined with pure white cambric 2,625,000   
slate grey electoweave robe embroidered with tiny silver lightning bolts 250,000   
Rissan-orange farandine cassock with long sleeves 1,250,000   
aquamarine icesilk burnoose with wide sleeves 1,000,000   
beige jaspe burnoose lined with matching cambric 1,750,000   
pure white khaddar over-robe trimmed with ermine fur 1,750,000   
pearl grey steelsilk robe with a low collar 1,500,000   
maroon watersilk robe embroidered with tiny black crabs 500,000   
cream-colored lipka cotton caftan shot through with golden threads 500,000   
On the maple stand
Item Price Done
dragonfire brocade robe lined with crimson silk 11,250,000   
bluefire velvet over-robe with a square neckline 10,000,000   
smoke grey duchess satin robe embroidered with pheasants along the hemline 7,500,000   
dark grey deathfiber caftan with a rounded neckline 750,000   
Gemfire velvet robe with long hanging sleeves 13,750,000   
lava samite cassock with a stiff collar 9,375,000   
emerald green oceanmist satin caftan with long sleeves 8,000,000   
vermilion rosecloth burnoose with black silk lining 8,000,000   
silveress robe with a standup collar 13,125,000   
starlight velvet over-robe with long sleeves 13,125,000   
mauve seasilk robe lined with cream silk 13,125,000   
cobalt jaalmin caftan with loosely gathered sleeves 7,000,000