Future is Now (5)

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The Future is Now
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
Owner Pobea
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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Armillary Sphere

[The Future is Now, Armillary Sphere]
Contained within the gargantuan iron sphere that forms this chamber are dozens of massive brass rings connected to a globe via a thick central axis. Ceaselessly, the rings twirl and spin about in silent harmony, no two plotting the same course. Prominently featured upon each is a limelight which collectively casts a multihued kaleidoscope of illumination about the room. A particularly wide ring slowly plots a course that offers customers a relatively safe path between the entrance and exit of the shop proper.
You also see the exit painted to resemble a moongate.
Obvious exits: none.


[The Future is Now, Workshop]
The once spacious workshop is cramped by mechanical flights of fantasy. Many are little more than carefully annotated blueprints, scattered springs and stray gears, while others proudly proclaim their completion with scribbled price tags. Some merchandise lies in tangles and piles of clutter, while others sprawl across the workbench, a side table, the assorted shelving and even the walls.
You also see the egress and a polished brass stand with a brinewood telescope exhibiting a clockwork collimation contrivance on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the side table
Item Price Done
linen-backed Tokka deck shot with moon-hued fibers 7,000,000   
Tokka deck patterned with chips of Xibar-blue zuzaret 7,000,000   
seasilk-backed Tokka deck covered in silversteel foil moons and stars 7,000,000   
Tokka deck stamped with clockwork foil planets transiting a hollow sky 70,000,000   
On the assorted shelving
Item Price Done
speckled sandstone bowl mimicking the surface of Dawgolesh 7,000,000   
dark sandstone bowl inlaid with a moon coral rim 7,000,000   
white sandstone bowl supported by stubby sun coral feet 7,000,000   
arkose sandstone bowl being consumed by a loimic clockwork devourer 70,000,000   
On the brass stand
Item Price Done
brinewood telescope exhibiting a clockwork collimation contrivance 17,500,000   
OUT OF STOCK - Had a limited number of purchases
On the clutter
Item Price Done
divination bones inlaid with moon coral 7,000,000   
divination bones carefully carved from ayabere 7,000,000   
whale divination bones bleached by the sun 7,000,000   
nacre-bone divination bones featuring goldenglow glaes clockwork 70,000,000   
On the display wall
Item Price Done
crescent-shaped divining mirror with a sun coral frame 7,000,000   
loimic divining mirror with a twisted handle 7,000,000   
hexagonal divining mirror set within an iroko frame 7,000,000   
divining mirror orbited by clockwork celestial bodies carved from niello 70,000,000   
On the workbench
Item Price Done
bejeweled celestial charts covered in night diamonds 7,000,000   
heavily annotated celestial charts covered in scratchy writing 7,000,000   
celestial charts delicately traced onto jaalmin backing 7,000,000   
starlight velvet celestial charts pressed with orichalcum foil clockwork 70,000,000   
On the tangle of goods
Item Price Done
ice sapphire prism affixed to an audrualm chain 7,000,000   
exceptionally clear dragonfire amber prism on a gold chain 7,000,000   
gloomglass prism dangling from a delicate niello chain 7,000,000   
heliotrope prism clutched by a haralun clockwork setting 70,000,000