Adaptive Botany

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Adaptive Botany
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Magic shops
Restrictions Empath
This store only accepts Kronars

[Adaptive Botany, Showroom]
A verdant wonderland of vibrant, lush vela'tohr foliage surrounds you, and the very air thrums with their chatter and excitement. Aged oak shelving is filled with ceramic pots and planters, each overflowing with tendrils and vines which chaotically intertwine, covering almost every surface in slowly shifting foliage. Several thick glass windows cover the ceiling, being opened and shut by caretakers to control the room's humidity to best suit the vela'tohr inhabitants. A team of empath botanists tend to the flora, softly conversing with the plants as they work.
You also see an oak table with several things on it and an oak door wrapped in thick vines.
Obvious exits: none.

A small card reads:
"This table includes magical charms that will allow you to cast Embrace of the Vela'tohr spell mimicking the various cultivars of vela'tohr that have taken up residence in this shop.  Their appearances and personalities are unique!

~~ Note, each charm is single use only, and the custom cast may be toggled with TOGGLE CUSTOMSPELL.  You may only purchase 5 charms from this table!  Test and trade! ~~"
On the oak table
Item Price Done
vela'tohr bush charm with its leaves arranged like gnarled hands - a tall vela'tohr bush casting a wraithlike shadow with gnarled hands 3,125,000   
vela'tohr bush charm with a spiked frond resembling a leafy mohawk - a broad vela'tohr bush with a single spiked frond arrayed in a spiked mohawk 3,125,000   
vela'tohr briar charm exuding a hazy mist - a twisted vela'tohr briar emanating a viridescent hazy mist 3,125,000   
vela'tohr thornbush charm covered with various insect parts - a chiton-clad vela'tohr thornbush adorned with various insect parts 3,125,000   
vela'tohr plant charm striking a dancing pose - a swaying plant dancing to a melody only heard by the vela'tohr 3,125,000   
vela'tohr plant charm with leaves as black as the night sky - a vela'tohr plant with leaves like polished obsidian bearing softly glowing star-like inclusions 3,125,000   
vela'tohr bush charm surrounded by fireflies - a vela'tohr bush surrounded by ephemeral flickering fireflies 3,125,000   
vela'tohr plant charm with inked leaves - a vela'tohr plant whose leaves resemble aged parchment that has been inked with curious symbols 3,125,000   
vela'tohr plant charm with undulating liquid emerald leaves - a slender vela'tohr plant with leaves that shimmer and undulate like liquid emerald 3,125,000   
vela'tohr plant charm with variegated silvery leaves - a vela'tohr plant with variegated leaves edged in shimmering silver 3,125,000   
vela'tohr bush charm that resembles a chaotic bush of messy vines - a vela'tohr bush that resembles a clumpy mess of vines chaotically tangled together 3,125,000   
broad-leafed vela'tohr shrub charm with tessellated leaves - a broad-leafed vela'tohr shrub bearing strange tessellated patterning along its leaves 3,125,000   
long-leafed vela'tohr bush charm with blue butterflies - a long-leafed vela'tohr bush surrounded by diminutive blue butterflies 3,125,000   
tall vela'tohr plant charm with nectar-soaked leaves - a tall vela'tohr plant with nectar-soaked leaves 3,125,000   
plump vela'tohr plant charm with thorny vines - a plump vela'tohr plant with thorny violet-gold vines 3,125,000