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Esteemed Tinker Mishli
Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Saidakyp of Andreshlew

Esteemed Tinker Mishli will assist adventurers with modifying the HE 447 gift received during Hollow Eve Festival 447.


Esteemed Tinker Mishli is a Merelew. She has striated blue-grey scales and short green hair that's parted to the left. She has vibrant, dark eyes.
She is short for a Merelew.
She appears to be young.

She is holding a cracked amber wasp with opalescent mesh wings in her right hand.
She is wearing a tinker's apron, a pendant scrimshawed with the crest of the Inverted Crucible, a swirling eddy of incandescent light bound by a coralite frame, a narrow tool belt dangling several waxed pouches, and some sailcloth pants.


You've overheard others asking Mishli about a number of topics, including gift, style1, metal, jewelry, modification1, material, depiction, style2, pest, modification2, choose, finish, family, and status.
  • A full list of available options for each of the various customizations are documented on the HE 447 gift page.
  • ASK MISHLI ABOUT GIFT (asking for a gift the 1st time):
  • ASK MISHLI ABOUT GIFT (after receiving a gift):
Mishli shakes her head. "You're already in my notes as having one. Can't have another. If you wish to discuss modifications to the one I gave you before, that we can manage."
She points to a series of charts and continues, "I've classified the things that can be modified into a few categories, each of which you may inquire about. Most are required. The categories don't have to make sense to you, just me. They are: style1, metal, jewelry, modification1, material, depiction, style2, pest, and modification2. Be precise, or we'll be here all day. Speak my language, not yours."
Mishli concludes, "To begin, hold your contraption where I can see it and inquire about the qualities you wish to modify."

Esteemed Tinker Mishli mutters as she shuffles through some notes and holds them up for you to review:
  • Your Name.

While still tinkering with her amber wasp, Mishli mutters, "I don't see anything resembling my work or its derivatives in your hands. What precisely are you babbling about?"
[If you do not yet have a gift, you can ASK Mishli ABOUT GIFT to get one. If you do not recall, you can ASK Mishli ABOUT FAMILY.]

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