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Shadow Forger Zentham
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Male
Location: Andreshlew


Shadow Forger Zentham is wrapped in shadows, concealing all but his hands that are covered in pearlescent blue-green scales.


Zentham tilts his head to one side as if listening for something. Slowly, he pulls his hood back partially, but only for a moment. Long enough for you to see that he has no eyes, only unbroken flesh where they should be. At last, he says, "For the right price, I have certain connections, and talents, that may be able to assist in recovering a precious ecosphere. Perhaps we can make a deal."

With ecosphere:
Zentham angrily whispers, "Do not waste my time, landwalker. You have an octagonal ecosphere dangling from an intricate acenite chain in your possession already. You raise your risk by having more than one. Dispose of it and I'll happily take your coin, otherwise leave me."

Without ecosphere:
Zentham motions you closer and quietly says, "My price is non-negotiable. You're looking for a shortcut, and I'm the only path available. It will resemble what you earned before; I've seen Ceryaen's records, but it will not be perfect. 500 platinum Kronars is my price."

He pauses and asks, "Will you pay it? I care not if you've hidden another away. It's your coin, soon to be mine."
[Ask again within 15 seconds to confirm payment and receive your replacement ecosphere.]
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Zentham hisses angrily, "Of course it's a forgery! You aren't of here and cannot begin to understand the complexities involved. An original ecosphere is precious, it is to be honored and cherished! What you did or didn't do with yours is none of my concern. Ceryaen will accept what I craft, but she will know that it is not the original. Perhaps you'll be more careful in the future when we tell you something is precious!"

Zentham's robed shoulders lift and fall, as if shrugging. "You're the fool asking me for a fake. Whether you purchase one or a dozen, I get the coin and you can do what you want. It would most assuredly look bad for you to be caught with multiple, so perhaps maybe use some discretion and maybe, JUST maybe, listen to us this time."

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