Natural Beauty (4)

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Natural Beauty
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Sales Floor

[Natural Beauty, Sales Floor]
Thick tapestries depicting a dense, wild forest surrounding a picturesque glade cover the walls, each blending seamlessly into the next. The tall ceiling painted to resemble a cloudless summer sky features a gaethzen sun positioned directly in the center. Polished driftwood furniture set up around the room displays a wide variety of garments available for sale.
You also see a decorative ayabere door with a large painted tree, a sturdy driftwood arch with painted green leaves, a long driftwood shelf with a few things on it and a tall driftwood stand with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
low-slung handkerchief skirt made from lava samite 7,500,000   
smooth tiered skirt composed of vibrant coral and green oceanmist satin 3,125,000   
flirtatious handkerchief skirt composed of vibrant green and chocolate-brown petalette scarves 8,437,500   
On the driftwood table
Item Price Done
snug dragonfire brocade bodice tied with firesilk laces 3,562,500   
low-cut zerarin wool bodice tightly laced with ombre scalene ribbons 2,812,500   
punka leather bodice adorned with spectrolite beads and silver threading 2,812,500   
In the driftwood wardrobe
Item Price Done
elegant duchess satin gown overlaid with silver marquisette 5,000,000   
whimsical dragonfire brocade gown with a corseted bodice and cire skirt 5,250,000   
deep blue-hued spun glitter gown featuring a trailing skirt of ruffled seasilk 3,750,000   
elegant emerald gown made of gemfire velvet 7,875,000   
On the driftwood shelf
Item Price Done
midnight-blue zerarin wool pants with a red stripe down each leg 6,000,000   
pair of scalene pants adorned with darkstone buckles 5,250,000   
pair of forest-green punka leather leggings with a wide belt 2,250,000   
On the driftwood stand
Item Price Done
long shadesatin tunic with an embroidered hemline 3,125,000   
lava samite tunic with five erythraean buttons 6,250,000   

Special Occasions

[Natural Beauty, Special Occasions]
Smooth metal walls painted to resemble a nighttime garden seem to almost disappear beneath the layered colors. Swirled blues and purples adorn the blackened ceiling, fading down to brush the tops of the foliage with their velvety embrace. Tiny, glowing pieces of gaethzen dot the mural, from fireflies amongst the flowers to stars laboriously placed to recreate constellations, providing a diffuse but adequate source of light by which to examine the shop's surfaces. A stylish aybere jewelry case and polished driftwood counter display a wide range of goods for sale.
You also see a study driftwood arch with painted green leaves.
Obvious exits: none.

On the driftwood counter
Item Price Done
shiny ruby red gift box topped with a silver bow - Contains: a trio of wide icesteel bangles inlaid with faceted merlot rubies, a pair of drop-post icesteel earrings dangling chandeliers of tiny merlot rubies, a pair of duchess satin and whisperlayne slippers with tapered glass heels and an elegant ruby silveress gown adorned with diamonds 12,562,500   
shiny sapphire gift box topped with a pearly white bow - Contains: a scooped neck gown of sapphire blue gemfire velvet, a slender mistglass hip-chain draped in cascading tiers of rivertear, a tantalizing mistglass choker with dangling rivertears and a pair of bluefire velvet high-heeled slippers accented with shimmering rivertears 12,062,500   
large emerald gift box topped with a golden bow - Contains: a jet-black shadesatin smoking jacket embroidered with silver stars, a pair of jet-black jaalmin pants lined with oceanmist satin, a silver dragonar vest edged with banded starlight velvet and a jaalmin dress shirt adorned with darkstone buttons 16,212,500   
pearly white gift box topped with a pearly white bow - Contains: an Elven snowlace gown with a starlight velvet underskirt, a delicate circlet of braided faesoul flowers with Elven snowlace ribbon ties, a pair of white Elven snowlace slippers affixed with tapered mistglass heels and a tantalizing mistglass necklace dangling a frost opal 9,875,000   
smooth silver gift box topped with a dark blue bow - Contains: a lustrous seasilk wedding gown with embroidered design, a cascading pair of orichalcum chandelier earrings studded with golden stura atulave, a graceful pair of golden seasilk slippers with tapered atulave heels and a slender orichalcum hip-chain draped in cascading tiers of golden stura atulave 15,250,000   
large navy gift box topped with a smooth silver bow - Contains: a two-button formal waistcoat made from shiny silveress and shadesatin, some formal black-tinged trousers made of silveress with a silver stripe down each leg, a tailored petalette shirt adorned with haralun buttons and a pair of punka leather dress boots with square heels 19,500,000   
A scallop-edged note reads:
"The boxes upon the counter can be opened so you can take a peek inside."
On the jewelry case
Item Price Done
orichalcum engagement ring adorned with a sizeable cabochon-cut spectrolite 562,500   
orichalcum band inlaid with tiny cabochon-cut spectrolites 562,500   
mistglass wedding ring adorned with heliotropes 1,725,000   
mistglass wedding band inlaid with heliotropes and diamonds 1,562,500   
delicate icesteel wedding band inlaid with tiny faceted ulhari prisms 8,000,000   
wide icesteel wedding band inlaid with tiny faceted ulhari prisms 8,000,000   
riftstone promise ring with braided loimic bands 2,125,000