Never Too Late Once More

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Never Too Late Once More, Quick Gifts
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops, Toy shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Front Room

[Never Too Late Once More, Quick Gifts]
Lit by softly glowing gaezthen globes, polished plaques and framed pictures line the wall near the door. Two porcelain wedding cakes stand in the center of the room, rising from the dusky velvet carpet to the height of the polished mahogany counter. Other merchandise is displayed on a variety of shelves and racks.
You also see a white door, a large sign and an embossed placard.
Obvious exits: north.

A large sign reads:
"It's never too late to buy the perfect gift!"
An embossed placard reads:
"These boxes on the bin are empty so that you may put gifts of your own choosing inside!"
On the tiered wedding cake
Item Price Done
dignified Human groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Prydaen groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Elothean groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Elven groom figurine 6,250   
dignified S'Kra Mur groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Kaldaran groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Dwarven groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Gnome groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Gor'Tog groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Halfling groom figurine 6,250   
dignified Rakash groom figurine 6,250   
On the mahogany shelf
Item Price Done
alabaster byssine handkerchief embroidered with interlocked gold wedding rings 6,250   
dainty shell-pink batiste handkerchief 6,250   
snow-white cambric handkerchief embroidered with a pair of interlocking hearts 6,250   
cream satin handkerchief embroidered with a pair of silver doves 6,250   
bisque dimity handkerchief embroidered with silver bells 6,250   
sable-hued linen handkerchief edged with silver topstitching 6,250   
ecru Elven silk handkerchief edged with heartstring lace 187,500   
white diamond icesilk handkerchief edged with Elven snowlace 437,500   
On the wooden bin
Item Price Done
coral gift box embossed with ivory roses 1,250   
celadon gift box embossed with rosebuds 1,250   
silver gift box lined with golden tissue 1,250   
sky-blue gift box lined with honey-colored tissue 1,250   
gift box striped with silver and ivory 1,250   
sable-hued gift box tied with scarlet silk ribbon 1,250   
tawny gift box tied with cobalt silk ribbon 1,250   
ivory gift box embossed with silver bells 1,250   
gift box banded with gold and cream 1,250   
gentian gift box lined with silver tissue 1,250   
On the tall wedding cake
Item Price Done
beaming Halfling bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Human bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Prydaen bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Elven bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Gnome bride figurine 6,250   
beaming S'Kra Mur bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Kaldaran bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Gor'Tog bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Dwarven bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Rakash bride figurine 6,250   
beaming Elothean bride figurine 6,250   

Back Room

[Never Too Late Once More]
A set of tall figures grouped to resemble a wedding party stand beneath a large sign on the far wall, divided from the rest of the room by a heavy velvet rope. Merchandise is displayed on tables, counters, and shelves. Several clerks stand nearby, ready to assist the hurried customers.
You also see a posted note.
Obvious exits: south.

A posted note reads:
"In order to fit clothing inside of the boxes here, we had to fold everything very tightly.  Because of this, items removed from the boxes very likely will not all fit back inside.  Thank you!  -- Management"
On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
large pink box tied with a silver silk bow - contains some ivory-colored spidersilk gloves with silver buttons, a pair of petal-pink velvet slippers with silvery silk ankle laces, a petal-pink silk gown with silver embroidery, some lace-trimmed ivory-colored spidersilk stockings and a petal-pink velvet purse with a silver clasp 125,000   
large ivory white box embossed with silvery hearts - contains some ivory-colored spidersilk gloves embroidered with petal-pink rosebuds, some ivory velvet slippers with petal-pink silk ankle laces, a sheer veil of delicate ivory lace trailing from a circlet of rosebuds, an extravagant wedding gown of pale ivory silk embroidered with pale pink rosebuds, some sheer ivory spidersilk stockings trimmed with lace, a lace-trimmed petal-pink silk garter, a polished platinum wedding ring and an ivory velvet purse clasped with a silver rose 237,500   
large ebony-hued box with gold stripes - contains some knitted white silk socks, a pair of onyx cufflinks set in platinum, a tailored stark white cotton shirt, a black satin cummerbund with narrow pleats, a pair of supple black leather shoes, some formal pleated black wool trousers and a formal black wool jacket with platinum buttons 175,000   
large black box with silver stripes - contains a polished platinum wedding ring, some knitted white silk socks, a pair of platinum cufflinks set with inlaid onyx, a tailored stark white cotton shirt, a black silk cummerbund with narrow pleats, a pair of supple black leather shoes, some formal pleated black wool trousers and a formal black wool jacket with ebony buttons 62,500