Shot in the Shark

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A Shot in the Shark
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Front Room

[A Shot in the Shark, Salesroom]
A solitary lantern gently flickers, casting a dim glow across the compact space under the canvas ceiling. Against the tent walls, several shelves and tables are subtly lit by the lantern's modest radiance. The limited illumination grants an enigmatic charm to this diminutive room.
You also see a walnut rack with several things on it and a grey canvas flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the walnut rack
Item Price Done
pair of dark grey leather shoes with silver toes 250,000   
pair of dark grey leather boots embossed with swimming sharks 250,000   
pale grey felt hat with a blood-red dyed feather 250,000   
dark grey billed hat with a shark design on the crown 250,000   
pair of dark grey wool pants trimmed with silver piping 250,000   
pair of smoke-grey silk pants gathered at the ankles 250,000   
ash-grey cotton tunic with a rounded collar 250,000   
charcoal-grey cotton shirt with a high neckline 250,000   
pale grey silk blouse with a scooped neckline 250,000   
dark grey linen shirt with long sleeves 250,000   
On the walnut table
Item Price Done
grey braided belt with a silver shark-shaped buckle 250,000   
grey leather belt with a silver shark-shaped buckle 250,000   
wide ash-grey silk skirt embroidered with small swimming sharks 250,000   
dark grey wool skirt appliqued with a steel-grey shark 250,000   
charcoal-grey silk doublet with silver shark-shaped buttons 250,000   
pale grey linen coat with white satin lapels 250,000   
dark grey wool coat with silver shark-shaped buttons 250,000   
mottled grey tweed cloak trimmed with black braid 250,000   
pale grey linen cloak lined with black satin 250,000   
voluminous grey wool cloak with a shark-shaped silver clasp 250,000