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The tablature turquoise are a unique variety of turquoise harvested exclusively from mines currently controlled by the Sisters of Peri'el. Their base color is a rich, Bardic blue and most often have golden, silver, or pure white marbling in patterns that mimic finger placements upon instruments such as lyres or flutes. The Sisters often must sift through thousands of stones before finding even one with a readable song upon it, which are considered gifts of nature -- or perhaps even Peri'el herself, and not written by mortal hand. This makes their recent decision to offer up a limited amount of the turquoise to outsiders particularly special.

Common description: Dozens of thin striations cross over the surface of the cabochon, nearly flat gem, creating an exactingly detailed pattern that shows a readable musical score.

Tablature Turquoise was released during the Guildfest 431 event and must be provided for alterations.

ItemSource isRare item
Bardic blue Imperial weave sash pinned with a magnificent tablature turquoiseGuildfest 431 Auctiontrue
Crested Elven gold ring set with a polished tablature turquoise cabochonOwirvald Riverhaven Auction 420true
Kiralan neithrel band interspersed with silver striated tablature turquoisesGuildfest 431 AuctionBardic blue Imperial weave sash pinned with a magnificent tablature turquoisetrue

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