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The WARN command is used either for RP purposes, or to indicate to another player that you feel their actions are crossing a boundary.

Syntax and Messaging


  • WARN <person>: You cast <person> a stern warning glance.
<person> casts you a stern warning glance.
  • WARN <object>: You indicate a <object>, warning those around you.
Kukui glances warily at a <object>, issuing a silent warning.
  • WARN <creature>: You give a <creature> a warning glance.
<person> glances at a <creature>, the threat of violence evident in her eyes.



Usage for OOC warn

You no longer need to be in the same room as the person you are WARNing, BUT you must spell out the target's name fully. It will work on hidden / invisible targets.

In the first case, the verb is simply messaging, with no functionality.

When this method is employed, an OOC message will be sent to the player, privately letting them know your feelings, to clear up any possible doubt about where you both stand. Records are kept of all communications issued and received, as well as whether they were acknowledged or declined, as applicable.


Suitable for roleplayed conflicts where it is to the players' advantage to have consent on record. The receiving player will have an opportunity to acknowledge the warning so that any potential conflict can be settled to both parties' satisfaction. Note that the agreement terminates once either player dies or one hour has passed.


Suitable when someone's actions have transgressed beyond the boundaries of acceptable, normal roleplay and are disrupting your enjoyment of the game. This should not be used lightly. You will be expected to behave yourself as well as the person to whom you issued such a statement.


Suitable for expressing to the other party that you wish to have NO INTERACTION WHATSOEVER with them. This option should not be used unless you are willing to remove yourself from the presence of the person to whom you issue it. Upon issuance, both players should immediately go their separate ways and cease all interaction with each other, including (but not limited to) conversations regarding the other player with third parties (besides staff members).


Note that in all cases, this verb is simply for improved communication. Policy and handling of situations remains unchanged, and under no circumstances should the WARN verb be viewed as an excuse or license to take matters into your own hands, should the other party ignore your wishes. As always, your best course of action in such a situation is to place an ASSIST and speak with a GameHost.

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