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The FOCUS command is used for a number of things, including checking concentration and working with magic items.


  • FOCUS: shows current concentration level and max concentration.
  • FOCUS <object>: Attempts to determine whether an object contains a magical pattern and attempt to decipher what that pattern is (like a runestone).
  • FOCUS <cambrinth item>: Determine how much and what type of mana is charged in a piece of cambrinth.
  • FOCUS SPOUSE: Used by bonded spouses to get an image of the location of their spouse, if within range.

Example Messaging

You focus your magical senses on a twisted cambrinth armband.
The cambrinth armband is dim, almost magically null. A very faint pattern indicates its readiness to absorb Elemental energy.
You focus your magical senses on a dark azurite runestone.
Though not actively magical, the runestone is made out of a material that resists the flow of mana. Tiny tunnels and furrows are present in the runestone, which form the shape of a spell pattern.
You recognize the pattern of the Shadows spell.
You should get five more spells out of the runestone before it wears out.

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