House of the Revenant Fang 429

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House of the Revenant Fang 429.jpg


  • Scheduled to open in Prime on January 18th, 2019 and run through January 27th, 2019.
  • See House of the Revenant Fang for other dates this event has run.


Email Teasers


On arrival, you can find Grim Tailor Kilgamant and ASK Kilgamant about task. This will start off a set of tasks that lead you throughout the area.


To access this area, find the Meeting portal hub in your city. Once there, REDEEM a furtive summons and then ASK AGENT ABOUT ACCESS.

  • The tower also has a number of pickable flowers and food, listed here.


  • At each Meeting portal, you can REDEEM your summons or ASK AGENT ABOUT TREASURE to instead be taken directly to the end loot (Safehouse).
  • Within the event, only talk to this NPC when you are ready to leave the area and visit the Shadowy Safehouse.

End loot

See Shadowy Safehouse.

Incidental Loot

See Incidental loot.

Creatures & Tasks

See the House of the Revenant Fang page for an overview of the tasks and creatures available to hunt during the event.