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The STOW command will quickly put away items into a target container. To set the container you want to STOW items in, use the STORE verb. See STORE HELP for options.


This will only work on items held in the hands or directly on the ground. Items within containers on the ground are ignored.



  • STOW RIGHT - stow the item in your right hand
  • STOW LEFT - stow the item in your left hand
  • STOW FEET - stow an item at your feet
  • STOW GEM - stow a gem on the ground
  • STOW BOX - stow a box on the ground
  • STOW PILE - stow an item from a pile on the ground
  • STOW ORE - stow a metal ore on the ground
Due to a possible bug, this also will stow any forged weapon or armor. Additionally, ORE will be stored in your default container, not in the container you set with STORE GEMS IN <container>.


  • STOW LEFT puts the item in your left hand in the item's STORE container.
  • STOW GEM will place the first gem on the ground it in your gem container.
  • STOW BOX IN MY HAVERSACK will put the first box in your haversack, making your haversack your new default container.

If you specify a container using STOW {object} in {container}, it will set {container} to your default, as if you just typed STORE DEFAULT IN {container}.

  • NOTE: If you remove the container you are set to STOW things in, the STOW verb will not be able to find it!

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