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The STOW command is used to both pick up and place an item into a container, as well as set which container STOW will default to.


This will only work on items held in the hands or directly on the ground. Items within containers on the ground are ignored.


USAGE: STOW (<OBJECT>|RIGHT|LEFT) To set the container you want to STOW items in, simply specify it when you are STOWing.

  STOW RIGHT (Stows the item in your right hand if
your container is set.)
  STOW BROADSWORD (Stows item if you are holding it and your
container is set.)

Note: If you do not specify the container and your container is set to something that you are not wearing, the STOW verb will not be able to find it! Also keep in mind when using PUT, to specify "my" or risk losing items to a similar object that may be on the ground. (Example: PUT BROADSWORD IN MY BACKPACK)

To set the container for certain item types use the STORE command.

Special Words

STOW can utilize several special words that cover a variety of items in a category. These do not seem to be documented anywhere, and some may be missing.

  • BOX: All treasure containers.
  • GEM: All gem and gem-like objects.
  • ORE: All nuggets, bars, and ingots. Due to a possible bug, this also will stow any forged weapon or armor. Additionally, ORE will be stored in your default container, not in the container you set with STORE GEMS IN <container>.