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The DUMP command can be used to remove 'junk' items from your room or to dump items from a container in your right hand into one of the many 'trash cans' located across Elanthia.



  • DUMP JUNK - Summons the janitor to your current room after 300 seconds.
  • DUMP CHECK - Display information regarding the janitor called by this command.
  • DUMP MY <container> INTO <trash receptacle> - Dump all items in container into specified receptacle.
  • DUMP <SUBSTANCES/PAPER/SKINS> INTO <trash recepticle> - Dump all items that match the type specified into receptacle.
  • DUMP <adjective> <noun> INTO <trash receptical> - Dump all items that match what you specify into receptacle.

Container Movement

  • DUMP < 1st container> INTO <2nd container> - Moves the entirity of the contents of one container to another.
Note: The second container must be at least as big as the first, as well as being empty.
  • DUMP OUT - Empties the container held in the right hand onto the ground.


Be aware that this verb works independently from the normal janitor mechanics. Drop or leave items on the ground **AT YOUR OWN RISK**. As always, if an item is valuable to you, do not drop or leave the item on the ground. Also, use caution when dumping the contents of a container into a trash bin. The items *CANNOT* be restored.

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