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The RELEASE command is used to cancel a spell, release held mana, or stop a cyclic.



  • RELEASE by itself will release harnessed mana, a prepared spell, and an active cyclic
  • RELEASE ALL: same


  • RELEASE SPELL: releases spell being prepared
  • RELEASE CYCLIC: releases your active cyclic spell
  • RELEASE MANA: releases all held mana
  • RELEASE # MANA: releases a specific amount of held mana
  • RELEASE <spell>: releases a spell that you've cast on yourself
  • RELEASE SCROLL <spell>: releases a scroll you've INVOKED
  • RELEASE CANTRIP: releases any cantrips you are preparing
  • RELEASE <cambrinth item>: releases your connection with the mana stored in item
  • RELEASE SPECIAL: releases effects from Hollow Eve 2015 Mask
  • RELEASE SYMBIOSIS: releases an active symbiosis or removes an inactive symbiosis from memory

Additional Moon Mage Options

  • RELEASE GAZE: ends Distant Gaze spell
  • RELEASE LINK: ends a Seer's Sense link to another person
  • RELEASE SERVANT: dismiss your Shadow Servant
  • RELEASE SHADOWLING: dismiss your Shadowling
  • RELEASE MOONBEAM <type>: dismisses all of your moonbeams, or the specified one
  • RELEASE SLIVERS: dismisses all slivers orbiting you

Additional Cleric Options

  • RELEASE ORB: releases an Osrel Meraud orb
  • RELEASE VIGIL <person>: releases Vigil links
  • RELEASE SHIELD: ends Shield of Light spell

Additional Warrior Mage Options

  • RELEASE CANTRIP: releases any cantrips you are preparing

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