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The ACCUSE command is used to file a complaint with guards after catching someone STEALing or of practicing the arts of the necromancers.


  • ACCUSE <person>

Trader syntax

  • ACCUSE <person> TO CLERK


After catching someone in the act of pickpocketing within city limits, the victim may go to any guard of the city the crime happened in and accuse the person. It is not always successful, with such things as the victim and thief's past criminal record, and possibly relative Charismas being relevant to success.

Trader use

Traders, even if outside city limits, may lodge a complaint with a clerk at the local trading outpost, but only so long as the theft happened on a recognized trading route. If successful, the guild may send out a group of "concerned citizens" to inflict bodily harm upon the accused.

Thief use

Thieves, being against the common provincial law, have their own form of justice. A member in good standing with the thief guild may accuse a person, not of the guild, to the provincial guildleader. If the accused has been caught stealing from the guilded member, thugs are sent out. The resulting conversation is rarely survivable.

Accuse necromancy

To successfully accuse:

  • Target must be in a justice zone.
  • Auto-success if the target has a visible sign of necromancy upon him (title, obvious spell, exceptionally high Divine Outrage, etc.).
  • Auto-success if the target is recognized as a Perverse Necromancer (justly or not).
  • If the target is a Necromancer, additional small possibility of success regardless of circumstance (will usually require a group of accusers to trigger).
  • The longer the Necromancer has been in the justice zone, the greater the chance of success. It requires leaving the justice zone for at least a half an hour straight to reset this penalty.
  • Target does NOT have to be a Necromancer.
  • Guilded non-Necromancer adventurers of 5th circle and below are extremely difficult to accuse, always requiring more than one person to affect.

Results of the first successful accusation:

  • Target is unaware of who accused him.
  • Target gains a Forbidden Practices warrant and some Social Outrage.
  • Target gains a special flag that causes the system to treat them as max-Social Outrage for a period of time.
  • Accuser gains a monetary reward, which is taken from the target's bank account. If no single bank account has enough, the largest one is completely drained.
  • If the target is a Necromancer, he is forced Open PvP for 2 (normally) or 6 (if Perverse) hours.
  • Ten minute timer between successful accusations per character.

Results of the second successful accusation within an unknown period of time:

  • As per the first time, plus being automatically killed by the Hounds of Rutilor.

Results of an unsuccessful accusation:

  • Target is unaware of unsuccessful accusations against him.
  • If the target is a Necromancer, he gains a little Social Outrage (even if he's done nothing wrong, heat is being directed toward him).
  • First unsuccessful accusation results in the guard issuing a warning to the accuser.
  • Second unsuccessful accusation, whether of the same target or another, within a short amount of time (the timer is extremely random, but always under an hour) results in arresting the accuser for disturbing the peace. This time does not count down if the accuser is logged out.
  • It has been hinted that any criminal charges carry a Social Outrage hit for the Necromancer in question, including disturbing the peace.

The highest possible chance for a successful accusation of necromancy against a non-Necromancer even if the accuser's charisma is ridiculously high is 10%. (see: Post:Re: Purge/Accuse)

Mechanics abuse

It is considered Mechanics Abuse to use more than character per account to attempt to accuse.

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