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Maelstone is oblong in shape, with smooth, barely visible edges. The stone appears to devour nearby light like a small black hole. Shadows surround it in an almost flowing fashion. It has the appearance of extremely dark dry ice. It is also cold to the touch, regardless of ambient temperature.

It was discovered during the raid on Maelshyve's lair, dropped by demonic creatures. It retains its Maelshyvean association.

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ItemSource isRare item
Hiromin-edged maelstone fragmentSu Helmas: The Forbidden Temple 434/End loottrue
Rugged korograth leather cowl dyed in camoflaging forest huesHollow Eve Festival 436/Auctiontrue
Sprite bone gloves pierced with a chilling web of maelstone veinsHollow Eve Festival 436/Auctiontrue

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