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Master Bards of the House of the Silk Strings have discovered that if they play certain enchanted songs for the life cycle of the silkworms that commonly produce Elothean silk, the creatures instead produce a unique variant with interwoven specks of tiny crystal that combine to form a faint, shimmering latticework across the fabric once it is fully refined. The crystals are produced in a wide array of colors, and it is a commonly held belief that the color of the crystal depends on the mood evoked within the worms by a given musical score.

Here is an example of the common description that can be found on songsilk:
The highly lustrous silk is crafted with an inherent <COLOR> crystalline latticework that creates a faint but consistent shimmering effect upon the fabric.

This material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Cheerful pair of puddle-stomping boots with songsilk lacesWeather Beaters (3)true
Dazzling songsilk umbrella with dangling absinthe emerald charmsWeather Beaters (3)true
Dramatic songsilk raincoat patterned with cloudy white notesWeather Beaters (3)true
Pavonated songsilk cloak embroidered with stylized peacock feathersBardic Journey (6)true

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