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Stormwood is any wood that results from a special process of directing lightning through the wood, which invariably produces a dendritic, fractal pattern in snaking black lines across the surface. The wood literally captures the shape of the lightning as it is burned through it.

Light woods are usually preferred as the "base" in order to best show off the pattern, but any wood can be used, and sometimes particular ones are chosen in order to be better suited to weaponry or to marry the significance of the lightning with that of the base wood.

Nomenclature: when the base wood is unspecified, it is called stormwood. When the base wood is specified, it is called stormtouched [base wood].

This material is required to be provided for alterations.

Other Information

Drogorian priestesses have developed a ritualized process of preparing wood to receive a strike of lightning. They wash the wood in seawater and affix it to a long metal stand engraved with images and inscriptions sacred to Drogor, then place this stand in high places best suited to receiving His storms. When one is struck, they consider it blessed by Him and offer it for use.

Stormwood is most often used to create ship's figureheads, weapons, or small tokens of worship. It is a popular material used by pirates or other seafarers who wish to show off their allegiance and "partnership" with Drogor in order to scare off any opponents. Additionally, any traveler or worshiper of the Immortals might care for a piece to show honor and respect to Him, and some claim that possessing it wards off being struck by lightning. Some wielders choose to add inlay tracing the pattern of the lightning in order to add color, interest, or other special materials to the stormwood, and this is considered a respectful way to enhance the work of Drogor.

However, the use of too much stormwood is considered disrespectful, thus the priestesses tend to make it only in limited quantities. As well, they look down upon elemental mages attempting to recreate the process themselves, considering only those pieces created by natural lightning to be true stormwood from Drogor Himself. Stormwood found as flotsam or driftwood is also considered bad luck, as it reveals that the bearer was tested by Drogor and found wanting.


ItemSource isRare item
Exquisite windstorm gossamer recliner set in an ornate stormwood frameHollow Eve Festival 436/Auctiontrue
Stormtouched silverwood staff crackling with barely contained electrical energiesSu Helmas: The Forbidden Temple 434/End loottrue

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