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Ixaemite, known in Gorbesh as sishav fisha or deathstone, is a pale, grey metamorphic stone with swirling bands of vibrant violet and crimson. Despite its hardness, it is considered ill-suited for weaponry and is instead prized for its magical capabilities.

Other Information:

Ixaemite was discovered inside the catacombs of the Albarian ruins of Ixaem, also known as the Luethran City of the Dead, by the Gnomish explorer, Osiuban the Dusty, during an archeological expedition. Despite the location where it was discovered, the stone did not receive its nickname as Death Stone because of the City of the Dead. Mishaps -- and even death -- often occur for those who possess the stone. Both Gorbesh and Kaldar are highly superstitious of ixaemite, believing it to be the melted bones of their ancestors, and that the colorful bands interlaced inside the stone are their trapped souls.

Regardless of this, ixaemite is highly sought after by Gnomish enchanters, who find the material suitable for many of their inventions.

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