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Trader Magic Review · on 11/23/2019 17:53 1702
The following Trader magic updates are live in all instances.

The Negotiants

  • The Trading experience gained from feeding energy into the Negotiants or your tessera has been greatly increased. Although this isn't meant to replace other methods of learning Trading, it can be a worthwhile supplement if you have no immediate need of your starlight aura, especially at lower levels.

Trabe Chalice

  • Hitpoints and repair rate have been increased.
  • Duration can now be refreshed, but not hitpoints.


  • Can be refreshed fully at no starlight aura cost.
  • Cannot be dispelled.
  • The warning message now occurs at 2 minutes from expiration, up from 1.

Arbiter's Stylus

  • Now becomes more and more accurate with each pulse, up to an extremely generous cap. This bonus is removed with a new cast of the spell.


  • Maximum prep has been reduced to 100 from 200. This means that the spell is much more mana-efficient now; spell power and difficulty are unchanged.
  • Duration is no longer affected by preparation amount. Even a minimum prep will yield the full duration.

Stellar Collector

  • No longer requires a tessera.


  • Refreshing with same or higher integrity doesn't cost starlight aura.

Avren Aevareae

  • The starlight option now smartly provides both functions of the spell, buffing your group and debuffing all outside your group. (The moon options will continue to affect everything in the room.)

Mask of the Moons

  • Will only trigger against offensive spells.

GM Grejuva

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-GREJUVA on the forums.