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Artificing will be a discipline of the Enchanting skill after it is released. It was released to the Prime Test instance on March 2nd, 2019.

Runecrafted enchantments require the use of both mana and arcana skill to use. Examples might include runes, cambrinth, or any other devices that involves active participation and control on the part of the user. E.g a runecrafted flaming sword - user charges the sword with power, augmenting its effectiveness and duration.

Artificing will initially contain:

  • Ritual Foci
  • TM Foci
  • Potentially Sorcery Foci
  • Founts (reusable / many-use tools required to enchant all items)
  • Runestones (limited-use magic items containing a single spell)
  • Burins (enchanting tool)
  • Sigil-harvesting tools

Artificing Techniques

Artificing techniques

Sigil Harvesting

One of the key components of enchanting are sigils. These can be collected in most rooms across the realms. An overview of the process and sigil types can be found on the Sigil harvesting page.


A full list of items created with this system can be found on the Artificing products list.


Foci start with Holy (it is the most difficult). Each type unlocks the crafting ability for Foci of that mana type. Combined Foci allow for multi-mana ritual foci. Weaponized Foci are TM Foci and other things we have in mind. Exotic Foci may refer to Sorcerous Foci someday.
Discussed in detail in Focus (item).


Founts are tools used during enchanting that control how the completed enchantment manages mana. Founts change the complexity (size) of the enchantment. The easier-to-use and longer-lasting enchantments will not "fit" on anything less than a material with high enchantability. In this way, Artificing is like Blacksmithing. They'll be producing the lion's share of tools for the trade.


There will be at least 2 types of runes in the new system.

Simple Runes - items that when used prepare the spell stored at a fixed prep. They have a discrete number of uses. These will most likely be the actual 'runestone' in game.
Complex Runes - items that when used prepare the spell stored at a user chosen prep. They have a power level that is depleted with each use by an amount equivalent to the chosen prep. If the user chosen prep is greater than the remained power level, the rune is depleted fully and the spell is not prepared. These can conceivably be made from any item hard and solid enough to contain the conductive strands, like an amulet.

The magic 2.0 type of rune, which blends adjusting power levels with discrete charges, will no longer exist.

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