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Travelers wishing to make the voyage from Langenfirth to far away M'Riss would do well to make use of the balloon service offered by the Blipzerg Brothers Wildlife Tours.

There is also a similar dirigible air service offered from Shard to Aesry as well an airship service from Crossing to Muspar'i.

Flight Information

Arrivals/Departures Transport Cost Travel Time Restrictions
Langenfirth - M'riss balloon 50 copper lirum per circle ~ 15 minutes Open to public
Crossing - Muspar'i airship free ~ 7 minutes Open to public
Shard - Aesry dirigible Shard departures charge dokoras
Aesry departures charge lirums
~ 5 minutes Open to public*
  • Airship and dirigible flights dock approximately 2 minutes at each mooring mast/landing site.
  • Balloon flights dock approximately 4 1/2 minutes at each docking platform.
  • Reportedly initial dirigible passengers were required to be:Elothean, Estate Holders or Ilithi citizens or led by them. Currently the dirigible is open to the public.


[Aboard the Balloon, Gondola]
A veritable spiderweb of ropes secures this boat-like gondola to the gigantic balloon above. A massive cast-iron stove squats at one end of the craft, occasionally belching acrid green smoke. In addition to the shelter provided by the balloon itself, a sturdy oilcloth awning protects passengers from the worst of the elements, while several oaken benches provide seating.
You also see a rope ladder.
Obvious exits: none.

Langenfirth - M'Riss

To travel from Langenfirth to M'riss, CLIMB the Langenfirth Tree (also known as the Great Tree) in the center of the village on RanikMap40.

[Langenfirth, The Langenfirth Tree]
A rickety platform in the top of this huge, tall, ancient tree provides a good look-out point with a view which is unbroken for many miles. It has given the towns folk, as they peer in many directions, fair warning of anything coming their way from the distant hills and early sightings of the barge arriving from Riverhaven. The town below is hidden beneath the tops of shorter firs, but the view far out into Gwenalion Lake is clear for miles.
Obvious paths: down.

The Gnomish operator says, "Woah there, madam. I can only take a handful with me at a time. It's going to cost you if you want to come along. I'll accept 4200 copper Lirums."


The Gnomish operator says, "Alright. That'll be 4200 Lirums." You hand over your funds and step closer. You join the Gnomish operator. "Right this way, madam."

To travel from M'riss to Langenfirth, CLIMB CYPRESS, SOUTHEAST, GO PLATFORM (the room marked 'Gnomish Balloon to Lang') on RanikMap109.

[Fala Inisharon, The Stooping Cypress]
The ironwood platform has withstood the test of time. Despite some loose and uneven planks, neither rot nor moss mars its surface. Several scorched spots blacken the northern edges, and bent and broken arrows litter the surface. A sinuous creeper snakes across from an adjacent cypress.
You also see a colorful Gnomish balloon and the great limb of the cypress.
Obvious paths: none.

The Gnomish operator says, "I'm leaving shortly, returning to Langenfirth. If you would like to accompany me for a safe trip there, just join me." The Gnomish operator smiles.
[JOIN GNOMISH BALLOON before it leaves if you would like to go to Langenfirth.]



[The Bardess' Fete, Deck]
Silken rigging suspends the sweeping teak sloop's deck from the semi-rigid envelope above. Shaded silk-cushioned benches along the bow's rail offer comfort and a spectacular view from the ship. A cylindrical copper device, about the size of a large bread oven, snakes a half dozen tubes upward into the bottom of the segmented balloon. Aft of the device, the quarterdeck rises to elevate the ship's wheel, while beyond, a cherrywood door marks the entrance to a small cabin. To the left of the door hangs a framed painting, and to the right is a small porthole. You also see a S'Kra Mur pilot and a ladder.
Obvious exits: none.

Crossing - Muspar'i

To travel from Crossing to Muspar'i go to the old Warrior Mage guild out the NE gate of Crossing; SE, E, E to wait for the airship. This transport is free of charge.

[Northeast Wilds, Grimsage Way]
The once pristine tower of the Warrior Mages is now no more than a memorial. The stresses of the great fire have shattered the crystalline spire. The building stands broken and raw against the sky. One onyx door tilts wildly to the side, its hinges melted to slag, while the other has been reduced to rubble. You also see a teak airship suspended from a segmented balloon, a landing area cordoned off by Musparan silk stanchion ropes and a tall fir tree.
Obvious paths: northeast, southeast, west.

You will automatically disembark upon arrival.

>JOIN AIRSHIP before it leaves if you would like to go to the Great Gate of Muspar'i.

[Outside Muspar'i]
The dark, towering walls of Muspar'i look out over the desert sands beyond. As the harsh Velakan winds swoosh sand through the air, threatening to obliterate all in their path, the walls serve as a barrier protecting the merchant city. A bit to the south, along the walls, a ramp leads up to a metal platform, while a stone trail works its way through the sea of sand in a northeasterly direction. You also see a teak airship suspended from a segmented balloon, a sunbleached wooden siege tower, a rocky trail, the Great Gate of Muspar'i and a metal ramp.
Obvious paths: northeast, west.

You will automatically disembark upon arrival

To travel from Muspar'i to Crossing go to outside the Great Gate of Muspar'i and wait for the airship.

>JOIN AIRSHIP before it leaves if you would like to go to the tower built by Arhat outside of The Crossing.


[Aboard the Dirigible, Gondola]
An intricate network of silken rope connects the dirigible's sleek copperwood gondola to the massive charcoal and silver striped balloon above. At the stern of the boat-like vessel, an odd contraption resembling a convoluted silver stove hums sonorously as various runes flicker across its polished surface. At the bow, a semi-enclosed cabin provides a row of silk-padded benches for comfort and protection from the elements during transit.
You also see a rope ladder.
Obvious exits: none.

Shard - Aesry

To travel from Shard to Aesry go to the Southeast quadrant of Shard to the Houses Consulate building located across the bridge from the Tower of Greenwalls. Climb to the fourth floor and GO SKYLIGHT to wait for the dirigible:

[Houses Consulate, Rooftop Platform]
From its northwest-facing position atop the consulate building, this precarious strip of rooftop space offers an especially stunning view of Shard's sky-piercing Great Tower, set dramatically against the turbulent thundercloud that rages above Stormwill Tower further in the distance. Sunlight reflecting off windows and crystalline spires adds a lucent shimmer to the sprawling cityscape below. You also see an open skylight.
Obvious paths: none.

The Elothean aeromancer says, "I'm leaving shortly, returning to Aesry Surlaenis'a. If you would like to accompany me for a safe trip there, just join me." The Elothean aeromancer smiles.
JOIN CHARCOAL DIRIGIBLE before it leaves if you would like to go to Aesry Surlaenis'a.

To travel from Aesry to Shard go to the landing field located in the Meadowlands housing neighborhood on the 3rd tier in the Southwest section of the city of Aesry near the Bard shop. From outside the Bard Shop, GO NW, CLIMB PATH, SE, GO FOOTPATH

[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Landing Field]
The grasses of this wide clearing have been pressed flat under the weight of reiterant traffic. Various stakes and anchors are installed near the center of the field, while little blue flags are set at even intervals around it to delineate its functional borders.

>JOIN CHARCOAL DIRIGIBLE before it leaves if you would like to go to Shard.

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