Hounds of Rutilor

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The Hounds of Rutilor are a group of religious zealots, mostly Clerics and Paladins, who seek to destroy Necromancers wherever they are found. The Hounds take no prisoners, act swiftly (and sometimes impulsively).

The Hounds are active in and around any area with a proper Justice system, and act independently of The Inquisition, though both groups appear to support each other at least nominally.


The Hounds are an ancient order established in 229 BL to defend against internal threats as well as external. They operated with great effectiveness until 193 BL, when they were wiped out by the Dragon Priests.

In 396 AV, the order was reestablished. It is not known who leads them, as their order is very secretive. It is obvious, however, that they possess great numbers and resources and are quite powerful.

Proposed spell for Paladins

At one point, Gamemaster Raphael had stated that the spell Hounds of Rutilor was something he was hoping to create. The spell would, when cast, summon hounds to drag wanted criminals in the room to jail. If none were caught, though, the Paladin would have received a soul hit. Since Raphael's departure, however, it is unclear what will become of this spell.

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