Hollow Eve Festival 439

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Opening and Closing Dates

Instance Opens Closes
Prime Monday, November 1, 2021 Sunday, November 28, 2021
Platinum Monday, November 1, 2021 Sunday, December 5, 2021
The Fallen Monday, November 1, 2021 Sunday, November 28, 2021

How do I get a ticket?

Access is handled in game via SimuCoins now rather than through the Box Office! See the main Hollow Eve Festival page for details on the current process.



Location and Map

This year's festival will return to Andreshlew, the island-city of the Merelew.

Maps & Shops

  • Offsite maps can be found here:
  • The 439 DRService map can be found on DRService.
  • Kythryn's 439 maps can be found here:
  • To reach the festival, go to any dock and WHISTLE FOR DOLPHIN TRANSPORT
A voice on the wind whispers, "To summon forth a dolphin for transport to Andreshlew, just whistle for one."
[WHISTLE FOR DOLPHIN TRANSPORT to be taken to Andreshlew -- the isle of the Merelew.]
  • You arrive at the South Dock, where you can then purchase your Hollow Eve invitation and Hollow Eve authorization from the draped table. Once you have purchased and REDEEMed your access pass, you can move freely about the island. If you have recently purchased SimuCoin and yet are unable to purchase access, use a SIMUCOIN BALANCE to refresh your account and try again.
  • For fast travel to the island and back, STUDY BARREL for the 3 different durations available. Detailed information on those can be found on the Andreshlew South Dock page.
  • To leave the island, return to the South Dock, where going to the corral will take you back to the dock you started at.

What We Know

  • The currency used at the event will be Kronars.
  • The bank on Andreshlew will be tied to your bank account in Crossing.

Events and Gifts

To claim your gift: From Andreshlew, East Dock, GO EAST, GO EAST, GO NORTHEAST, then GO into the WIDE BUILDING, and ASK ICHEA FOR GIFT -- it's randomized for everyone!
  • Alteration Sessions: In the same building you got your gift, move N to the Lounge
  • Auction: TBD
  • Greeters: When you see a Greeter on the grounds, feel free to stop and say hi, as well as ask questions if you are lost or need assistance. If you're lucky, you may even walk away with a gift!
  • Raffles: to reach the white-marbled pavilion from the entry dock, move N, N, E, go gate, NW, NW, NE, go pavilion
  • Visions: Over the course of the event, various visions have been observed.


  • TBD


Maps & Shops


New shops are listed in bold.


With the exception of Box of Gems, the Drogor Shrine and Darkbox, all of these games now share one prize pool. This means you do not have to play a specific game to get certain drops. All of it is available everywhere.

In addition to putting everything onto the shared prize pools, there is also a change to jackpot prizes. It'll be very likely that someone will pull a jackpot prize each day. It's absolutely possible to continue to pull jackpots no matter how many you've won, but the odds decrease after each time you get one until resetting at midnight each day.

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